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Japan's Neonationalist Offensive and the Military

Free Speech - Silenced Voices: The Japanese Media, the Comfort Women Tribunal, and the NHK Affair

Internationalizing the Okinawan Struggle: Implications of the 2006 Elections in Okinawa and the US

The End of Overtime Pay: More Production or Just More Work for Japan's White Collar Workers?

Remake Politics, Not Nature: Tanaka Shozo's Philosophies of 'Poison' and 'Flow' and Japan's Environment

Government, the Military and Business in Japan's Wartime Comfort Woman System

A Foot soldier in the War Against Forgetting Japanese Wartime Atrocities

Yokohama and Seoul: Dealing With Crimes of State in Japan and South Korea

Self-Determination in Oceania: New Roles for US, Japanese and Asian Power?

Abe's Violent Denial: Japan's Prime Minister and the 'Comfort Women'