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War Responsibility and Historical Memory: Hirohito's Apparition

Desecration of the Dead: Bereaved Okinawan Families Sue Yasukuni to End Relatives' Enshrinement

The Songs of Nippon, the Yamato Museum and the Inculcation of Japanese Nationalism

Yasukuni: The Stage for Memory and Oblivion

From a Woman Aggressor. Reflections on Japan and the Asia Pacific War

The Cultural Career of the Japanese Economy: Developmental and Cultural Nationalisms in Historical Perspective

Magnificent Obsession: Japan's Bone Man and the World War II Dead in the Pacific

Commemoration and the Construction of Nationalism: War Memorial Museums in Korea and Japan

Japan, the United States and Yasukuni Nationalism: War, Historical Memory and the Future of the Asia Pacific

War and Japan: The Non-Fiction Manga of Mizuki Shigeru