Special Issue: A New Constitution for Japan? edited by Tessa Morris-Suzuki and Shinnosuke Takahashi


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Representing Hirohito in Wartime: The Art of Arthur Szyk

War-bereaved Families' Dilemma: thoughts on Japan's war

Responsibility of Intellectuals: Kobayashi Hideo on Japan at War

Japan s Imperial Succession Debate and Women s Rights

The New Imperialism and the Post-Colonial Developmental State: Manchukuo in comparative perspective

New Weapon Wielded in Old Tomb Debate: Information disclosure law reveals uncertainty over emperor's graves

Last Words of the Tiger of Malaya, General Yamashita Tomoyuki

The Allied Occupation of Japan - an Australian View

Japan's Surrender Decision and the Monarchy: Staying the Course in an Unwinnable War

Why Japanese Wartime Apologies Fail