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Toward the Abolition of Nuclear War: Hiroshima and Nagasaki Declarations

Commemoration and the Construction of Nationalism: War Memorial Museums in Korea and Japan

War and Japan: The Non-Fiction Manga of Mizuki Shigeru

The Forgotten History War: Wilfred Burchett, Australia and the Cold War in the Asia Pacific

Misreading, Espionage and "Beautiful Martyrdom": On Hearing the Okinawa 'Mass Suicides' Suit Court Verdict. UPDATE

Japan in the American Imperium: Rethinking Security

Japan as Spoiler in the Six-Party Talks: Single-Issue Politics and Economic Diplomacy Towards North Korea

Atomic John: The Bomb as Fetish

Japan's New Anti-nuclear Policy

US Deployment of Nuclear Weapons in 1950s South Korea & North Korea's Nuclear Development: Toward Denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula