Special Issue: A New Constitution for Japan? edited by Tessa Morris-Suzuki and Shinnosuke Takahashi


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The Emperor Showa standing at ground zero: on the (re-)configuration of a national memory of the Japanese people

Asia Battles Over War History: The legacy of the Pacific War looms over Tokyo's plans for the future

The Imaginary Geography of a Nation and its De-nationalized Narrative: Japan and the Korean Experience

Japanese Chemical Weapons Left in China in 1945

Resolving the Wartime Forced Labor Compensation Question

Korean Slave Laborers: Repatriating and Burying the Dead

Japan-Russia Dispute Over Northern Territories Highlights Flawed Diplomacy

The Flag and the Anthem: Enforcing Japanese Patriotism

The Retrial of the "Yokohama Incident": A Six-decade battle for human dignity

Hirohito and History: Japanese and American Perspectives on the Emperor and World War II in Asia