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Japanese Popular Culture in East and Southeast Asia: Time for a Regional Paradigm?

Okinawan Perspectives on Japan's Imperial Institution

Korean Hibakusha, Japan's Supreme Court & the International Community: Can the U.S. & Japan Confront Forced Labor & Atomic Bombing?

The Water Cure. An American Debate on torture and counterinsurgency in the Philippines—a century ago

New Era for Japan-Korea History Issues: Forced Labor Redress Efforts Begin to Bear Fruit

Freedom Next Time. Japanese Neonationalists Seek to Silence Yasukuni Film (UPDATED)

Foundations of Cooperation: Imagining the Future of Sino-Japanese Relations

The Bataan Death March and the 66-Year Struggle for Justice

Japanese and American War Atrocities, Historical Memory and Reconciliation: World War II to Today

Vietnam and Iraq in Japan: Japanese and American Grassroots Peace Activism