Special Issue: A New Constitution for Japan? edited by Tessa Morris-Suzuki and Shinnosuke Takahashi


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Kyoto Korea Town fights for survival

China's Rise in Southeast Asia: Implications for Japan and the United States

US Dream Come True? The New Henoko Sea Base and Okinawan Resistance

Stubborn Legacies of War: Japanese Devils in Sarajevo

Mitsubishi, Historical Revisionism and Japanese Corporate Resistance to Chinese Forced Labor Redress

Competing Nationalisms: The mobilisation of history and archaeology in the Korea-China wars over Koguryo/Gaogouli

Freedom of the Press U.S. Style on Okinawa

The Imperial Succession and Japanese Democracy: Citizens Court Challenge Denied

60 Years On Japanese Debate the Tokyo Tribunal's Legitimacy

Remembrance of World War II and the Postwar in the United States and Japan