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In the Shadow of Hiroshima. U.S. Marines and Japanese SDF collaborate at Iwakuni six decades after the bomb

Secret Details of Sordid Okinawan Reversion Deal Revealed

Traveling through Autonomy and Subjugation: Jeju Island Under Japan and Korea

Fitting Okinawa into Japan the "Beautiful Country"

Who is Responsible? The Yomiuri Project and the Enduring Legacy of the Asia-Pacific War

A Story That Won't Fade Away: Compulsory Mass Suicide in the Battle of Okinawa

Donor Leverage and Access to Bird Flu Vaccines: a challenge to the World Health Organization

Exhibiting World War II in Japan and the United States

Micronesia and the Postwar Remaking of the Asia Pacific: "An American Lake"

Abe and Okinawa: Collision Course?