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Before Oil: Japan and the Question of Israel/Palestine, 1917-1956

Japan's Political and Constitutional Crossroads

The Emerging Russian Giant: The US, Eurasia and Global Geopolitics

Goodbye Iran, Hello Iraq: Japan's and China's Oil Prospects in the Balance

Oil and Power: The Rise and Fall of the Japan-Iran Partnership in Azadegan

Ghosts of Christmas Past: The Christmas Bombing of Vietnam

Al Qaeda's Southeast Asia, Jamaah Islamiyah and Regional Terrorism: Kinship and Family Links  アルカイダの東南アジア、ジャマー・イスラミヤー、および地域テロ−−王建と家族的つながり

China's Tortuous Middle East Journey: Israel, Iran, and Saudia Arabia

Restoring Order: Conquering Iraq in the 13th and 21st Centuries. Could Genghis Khan teach the US?

Geopolitics of the Afghanistan War: US Elevates Pakistan to Regional Kingpin. Implications for Russia, NATO, Iran and the Arab States