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Remembering the Unfinished Conflict: Museums and the Contested Memory of the Korean War

Ideological Risk versus Economic Necessity: The Future of Reform in North Korea

The Financial Crisis and the Tectonic Shifts in the US-Japan Relationship

Building a Better Bomb: Reflections on the Atomic Bomb, the Hydrogen Bomb, and the Neutron Bomb よりよい爆弾の製造ーー原爆、水爆、中性子爆弾について

In Search of Peace: A New Generation of Japanese Encounters the Asia-Pacific War

Sleight of Law and U.S.-North Korea Relations: Re-nuclearization and Re-sanctioning

Legacies of Empire and Occupation: The Making of the Korean Diaspora in Japan

Unbearable Legacies: The Politics of Environmental Degradation in North Korea

The Road to Copenhagen [Korean and Japanese translations available]

The Forgotten Japanese in North Korea: Beyond the Politics of Abduction