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Proof of POW Forced Labor for Japan's Foreign Minister: The Aso Mines (Japanese Translation available)

Traveling through Autonomy and Subjugation: Jeju Island Under Japan and Korea

The Japanese Apology on the "Comfort Women" Cannot Be Considered Official: Interview with Congressman Michael Honda

Democracy and Peace in Korea Twenty Years After June 1987: Where Are We Now, and Where Do We Go from Here?

China's Rise and the Reorganization of the Asian Regional and World Economy

Enshrinement Politics: War Dead and War Criminals at Yasukuni Shrine

Southeast Asia's Maritime Security Dilemma: State or Market?

Japan, Financial Stability and the World Economy: Two Perspectives

Banco Delta Asia, North Korea's Frozen Funds & US Undermining of the Six-Party Talks: Obstacles to a Solution. Part III

The Water Politics of China and Southeast Asia: Rivers, Dams, Cargo Boats and the Environment