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Origins of the American War in Vietnam: The OSS Role in Saigon in 1945

The Ryukyus and the New, But Endangered, Languages of Japan

Modern Life is Rubbish: Miyazaki Hayao Returns to Old-Fashioned Filmmaking

Lowering the Drawbridge of Fortress Japan: Citizenship, Nationality and the Rights of Children

Japan's Trade Collapse and Road to Recovery: Vertical Foreign Direct Investment the Key

U.N. Committee Faults Japan Human Rights Performance, Demands Progress Report on Key Issues

U.S. Courts-Martial in Occupation Japan: Rape, Race, and Censorship

Lifting Japan's Curse of Muddling Through

Territorial Conflicts in the East China Sea – From Missed Opportunities to Negotiation Stalemate

The Homecoming of Japanese Hostages from Iraq: Culturalism or Japan in America’s Embrace?