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The Contested Heritage of Koguryo/Gaogouli and China-Korea Conflict

"Will you go to war? Or will you stop being Japanese?" Nationalism and History in Kobayashi Yoshinori's Sensoron

Global Warming Thaws Himalayan Glaciers at Frightening Speed

The Suharto Legacy - As He Lay Dying

China, Japan and World Food Insecurity

The United States and Sino-Vietnamese Relations

Japan's Wild Scientific Genius: Minakata Kumagusu

Barefoot Gen, The Atomic Bomb and I: The Hiroshima Legacy

When the Geta is on the Other Foot: Xenophobia in the Canadian Immigration Policy Towards Japan, 1907-1908

Sugihara Chiune and the Visas to Save Lives: Assessing the Efforts to Memorialize a Japanese Hero