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The Future of US-Japan Relations in a McCain or Obama Presidency: Does Japan Matter?

A 21st-Century Bretton Woods? Global financial summit hinges on China playing a role once taken by U.S.

The Development and Structure of Japanese Enterprise Unions

Zainichi Recognitions: Japan's Korean Residents' Ideology and Its Discontents

The Rising Risk of a Hard Landing in China: The Two Engines of Global Growth—U.S. and China—are Stalling. UPDATED

The Deterioration of the Inter-Korean Relationship

Personal Predilection in Compiling and Translating an Anthology of Japanese Women Poets

Japan's 'Antiterror' Debate Neglects the Suffering of the Afghan People

Tamogami's World: Japan's Top Soldier Reignites Conflict Over the Past [Japanese, Korean and Czech translations available]

Okinawan Bases, the United States and Environmental Destruction [Japanese text available]