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Somali Pirates and Political Winds Drive Japan to the Gate of Tears [Updated]

Waterboarding: The Meaning for Japan

Opting for the "Irrational": Tokyo Brushes Aside Okinawan Court Order to End Awase Wetlands Reclamation Project

The US and the Temptation of Dollar Seignorage

China, Japan, and Indonesia's LNG Ploys

From the Nanjing Massacre to American Global Expansion: Reflections on Japanese and American Amnesia

Overproduction not Financial Collapse is the Heart of the Crisis: the US, East Asia, and the World

Dugong Swimming in Uncharted Waters: US Judicial Intervention to Protect Okinawa's "Natural Monument" and Halt Base Construction

The United States and Afghanistan's Critical Moment

North Korea: Twenty Years of Solitude