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China, Japan, and Indonesia's LNG Ploys

Japan Should Follow the International Trend and Face Its History of World War II Forced Labor [Japanese Translation Available]

Japan on the Brink of the Abyss? [Updated]

Victims of Colonialism? Japanese Agrarian Settlers in Manchukuo and Their Repatriation

From the Nanjing Massacre to American Global Expansion: Reflections on Japanese and American Amnesia

Overproduction not Financial Collapse is the Heart of the Crisis: the US, East Asia, and the World

Dugong Swimming in Uncharted Waters: US Judicial Intervention to Protect Okinawa's "Natural Monument" and Halt Base Construction

Japan's Twenty Year Response to Economic Crisis

The Islamic World and Obama's Middle East Initiative

Soft Power Politics in the Asia Pacific: Chinese and Japanese Quests for Regional Leadership