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The Bravo Test and the Death and Life of the Global Ecosystem in the Early Anthropocene
Opening the Door to Peace on the Korean Peninsula: Women Cross DMZ
Civilization & Barbarism: Cartoon Commentary & “The White Man’s Burden” (1898–1902)
The Trans-Pacific Partnership: A Deeply Flawed Partnership (TPP)
Zen and War: A Commentary on Brian Victoria and Karl Baier's Analysis of Daisetz Suzuki and Count Dürckheim
To Hell With Capitalism: Snapshots from the Crab Cannery Ship
Making More Enemies than We Kill? Calculating U.S. Bomb Tonnages Dropped on Laos and Cambodia, and Weighing Their Implications
Vietnam: Okinawa's Forgotten War
The Wired Seas of Asia: China, Japan, the US and Australia
Islam, a Forgotten Holocaust, and American Historical Amnesia
Juche in the United States: The Black Panther Party’s Relations with North Korea, 1969-1971
Japan's 1968: A Collective Reaction to Rapid Economic Growth in an Age of Turmoil
Africa and China's 21st Century Maritime Silk Road
Ending a Nuclear Threat via a Northwest Asia Nuclear Weapons-Free Zone
Australia in America's Third Iraq War
'Distancing Acts': Private Mercenaries and the War on Terror in American Foreign Policy
US Strategic Negligence, North Korea and the Sony Slideshow
Undermining Nuclear Non-Proliferation: Energy and Security Politics in the Australia-India-Japan-U.S. Nuclear Nexus ···
The US ‘Pivot to Asia’, the China Spectre and the Australian-American Alliance
How Many Minutes to Midnight? On the Nuclear Era and Armageddon
The Ethics of Bombing Civilians After World War II: The Persistence of Norms Against Targeting Civilians in the Korean War
Japan's Secrecy Law and International Standards
The Radiation That Makes People Invisible: A Global Hibakusha Perspective
The Overseas Dispatch of Japan’s Self-Defense Forces and U.S. War Preparations
Abe Shinzo and the U.S.-Japan Relationship in a Global Context
The Dulles Brothers, Harry Dexter White, Alger Hiss, and the Fate of the Private Pre-War International Banking System
Worker-Intellectual Unity: Suicide, trans-border sociological intervention, and the Foxconn-Apple connection
Indonesia, Australia and the Edward Snowden Legacy: Shifting asymmetries of power
The State, the Deep State, and the Wall Street Overworld (Updated March 13, 2014)
Addressing Japan’s ‘Comfort Women’ Issue From an Academic Standpoint
The San Francisco System: Past, Present, Future in U.S.-Japan-China Relations
Safecast or the Production of Collective Intelligence on Radiation Risks after 3.11
South Korea, the United States and Emergency Powers During the Korean Conflict
WikiLeaks and the Release of the Secret TPP Environment Report TPP
The Origins of the Senkaku/Diaoyu Dispute between China, Taiwan and Japan
The Uncertain Future of a 'New Type' of US-China Relationship
Poison In Our Waters: A Brief Overview of the Proposed Militarization of Guam and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands
Leaving Asia? The Meaning of Datsu-A and Japan’s Modern History
The Asia-Pacific in the Eye of Super-storms
What Ever Happened to Japanese Electronics?: A World Economy Perspective
D.T. Suzuki, Zen and the Nazis
It Would Make No Sense for Article 9 to Mean What it Says, Therefore It Doesn’t. The Transformation of Japan's Constitution
Okinawa Dumpsite Offers Proof of Agent Orange: Experts Say
The Spectre Of U.S. Military Defoliants/Herbicides Buried In Okinawa
Cooking the Books: The Federal Bureau of Narcotics, the China Lobby and Cold War Propaganda, 1950-1962
Oliver Stone on Okinawa - The Untold Story
The Lius of Shanghai: A Chinese Family in Business, War and Revolution
The politics of global production: Apple, Foxconn and China's new working class
Guantánamo: A Useful Corner of the World
A Suicide Survivor: the life of a Chinese migrant worker at Foxconn