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X Australia & New Zealand
Opening the Door to Peace on the Korean Peninsula: Women Cross DMZ
The Wired Seas of Asia: China, Japan, the US and Australia
The Asia-Pacific War and the Failed Second Anglo-Japanese Civilian Exchange, 1942-45
Fukushima, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Maralinga
Natural Disaster, Trauma and Activism in the Art of Takamine Tadasu
Australia’s “Asian Century”: Time, Space and Public Culture
Will Wrongful Convictions Be a Catalyst for Change in Japanese Criminal Justice?
Japan's New Empire and the Dōmei News Agency in Occupied Southeast Asia, 1942-45
Australia in America's Third Iraq War
MSG Headache, West Papuan Heartache? Indonesia's Melanesian Foray MSG()
Undermining Nuclear Non-Proliferation: Energy and Security Politics in the Australia-India-Japan-U.S. Nuclear Nexus ···
The US ‘Pivot to Asia’, the China Spectre and the Australian-American Alliance
US Pacific Command, Climate Change and Collaborative Society
Three Cheers for Abe's High-Tech CLT Wooden Arrow: The Future of Japanese Construction
The Radiation That Makes People Invisible: A Global Hibakusha Perspective
Indonesia, Australia and the Edward Snowden Legacy: Shifting asymmetries of power
Safecast or the Production of Collective Intelligence on Radiation Risks after 3.11
WikiLeaks and the Release of the Secret TPP Environment Report TPP
The Asia-Pacific in the Eye of Super-storms
The US Military Presence in Australia: Asymmetrical Alliance Cooperation and its Alternatives
Japan’s Client State (Zokkoku) Problem
An Australian Role in Reducing the Prospects of China-Japan War over the Senkakus/Diaoyutai?
Japan, the United States, and the Road to World War II in the Pacific
Why Americans Must End America’s Self-Generating Wars
The Advance—and the Limits—of Trade Integration in Asia
Becoming “Chinese”—But What “Chinese”?—in Southeast Asia−−
Plutonium and Japan’s Nuclear Waste Problem: International Scientists Call for an End to Plutonium Reprocessing and Closing the Rokkasho Plant−−
Uranium Boom and Plutonium Bust: Russia, Japan, China and the World−−,
The San Francisco Peace Treaty and Frontier Problems in the Regional Order in East Asia: A Sixty Year Perspective−−60
Living Along the Fenceline and Standing Army: The American Empire of Bases
North Korea's 100th – To Celebrate or To Surrender?100−−
Global Perspectives on Nuclear Safety and Security After 3-113.11
Dominion From Sea to Sea: America's Pacific Ascendancy
A New ARMZ Race: The Road to Russian Uranium Monopoly Leads Through MongoliaARMZ−−
Why the New “Emphasis on Asia” in U.S. Policy?? Tanaka News •Japanese original is available
Japan’s New Order and Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere: Planning for Empire−−
“Lifelong homework”: Chō Takeda Kiyoko’s unofficial diplomacy and postwar Japan-Asia relations−−()
Japanese Societal Attitudes Towards the Tokyo Trial: A Contemorary Perspective−−
Pan-Asianism as an Ideal of Asian Identity and Solidarity, 1850–Present−−1850
Sushi Reverses Course: Consuming American Sushi in Tokyo−−
Electronic Publication and the Critical Intellectual in the Post-Print Era: An Asia-Pacific Perspective−− •Korean translation available
Japanese Atrocities on Nauru during the Pacific War: The murder of Australians, the massacre of lepers and the ethnocide of Nauruans−−
US Military Bases on Guam in Global Perspective
China's Naval Expansion in the Indian Ocean and India-China Rivalry
South Korea's Global Nuclear Ambitions
Stop the Press? The Sankei and the State of Japan's Newspaper Industry ?
Get FIT: Public Policy, the Smart State and the Energy-Environmental Revolution−−
Rethinking Extended Nuclear Deterrence in the Defence of Australia
The Road to Copenhagen [Korean and Japanese translations available]
The Copenhagen Diagnosis: Sobering Update on the Science