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Hitler's dismantling of the constitution and the current path of Japan's Abe administration: What lessons can we draw from history?
Transnational and Japanese Activism on Behalf of Indonesian and Dutch Victims of Enforced Military Prostitution During World War II
Civilization & Barbarism: Cartoon Commentary & “The White Man’s Burden” (1898–1902)
Zen and War: A Commentary on Brian Victoria and Karl Baier's Analysis of Daisetz Suzuki and Count Dürckheim
Sawaki Kōdō, Zen and Wartime Japan: Final Pieces of the Puzzle
Making More Enemies than We Kill? Calculating U.S. Bomb Tonnages Dropped on Laos and Cambodia, and Weighing Their Implications
Wrongful Convictions and the Culture of Denial in Japanese Criminal Justice
Japan's New Empire and the Dōmei News Agency in Occupied Southeast Asia, 1942-45
The Life and Death of Lafcadio Hearn: A 110-year perspective
Abe Shinzo and the U.S.-Japan Relationship in a Global Context
The Bumble Bee and the Chrysanthemum: Comparing Sweden and Japan’s Responses to Financial Crisis
The Dulles Brothers, Harry Dexter White, Alger Hiss, and the Fate of the Private Pre-War International Banking System
Hannah Arendt, Nidhi Eoseewong, and the Spectre of Totalitarianism in Thailand
The State, the Deep State, and the Wall Street Overworld (Updated March 13, 2014)
D.T. Suzuki, Zen and the Nazis
Cooking the Books: The Federal Bureau of Narcotics, the China Lobby and Cold War Propaganda, 1950-1962
The Responsibility of Intellectuals Redux: Humanitarian Intervention and the Liberal Embrace of War in the Age of Clinton, Bush and Obama

Renewable Energy vs. Nuclear Power: Taiwan’s energy future in light of Chinese, German and Japanese experience since 3.11

Uncomfortable Questions in the Wake of Nuclear Accidents at Fukushima and Chernobyl
The US Military, Green Energy, and the SPIDERS at Pearl Harbor
History of Peace Thought East and West: its Lessons for Today
Why Americans Must End America’s Self-Generating Wars
A New Approach to Security in Northeast Asia: Breaking the Gridlock
Becoming “Chinese”—But What “Chinese”?—in Southeast Asia−−
An Afghan Okinawa
The NATO Afghanistan War and US-Russian Relations: Drugs, Oil, and WarNATO−−
Global Perspectives on Nuclear Safety and Security After 3-113.11
Dominion From Sea to Sea: America's Pacific Ascendancy
Megasolar Japan: The Prospects for Green Alternatives to Nuclear Power−−
War, War Crimes, Power and Justice: Toward a Jurisprudence of Conscience−−
Postwar Japan's National Salvation
A New ARMZ Race: The Road to Russian Uranium Monopoly Leads Through MongoliaARMZ−−
The Doomsday Project and Deep Events: JFK, Watergate, Iran-Contra, and 9/11():9.11 *Japanese translation available
Fallout From the Fukushima Shock: Japan’s Emerging Energy Policy−−
The True Origins of Pizza: Irony, the Internet and East Asian Nationalisms−−
Norway’s Terror as Systemic Destabilization: Breivik, the Arms-for-Drugs Milieu, and Global Shadow Elites−−
Japanese Business, Soviet Development, and Territorial Conflict, 1975-19851975−1985
Bosnia, Kosovo, and Now Libya: The Human Costs of Washington’s On-Going Collusion with Terrorists−−
The Labyrinthian International Geopolitics of the Libyan Conflict
“Lifelong homework”: Chō Takeda Kiyoko’s unofficial diplomacy and postwar Japan-Asia relations−−()
Fukushima is Worse than Chernobyl – on Global Contamination
Japanese Societal Attitudes Towards the Tokyo Trial: A Contemorary Perspective−−
Speaking as an Unrealistic Dreamer
Coming to Jakarta and Deep Politics: How Writing a Poem Enabled Me to Write American War Machine (An Essay on Liberation)−−()
Japan’s Decline as a Robotics Superpower: Lessons From Fukushima −−
What Price the Fukushima Meltdown? Comparing Chernobyl and Fukushima?
Japan, Europe and The Dangerous Fantasy of American Leadership
The Middle East Revolutions in Historical Perspective: Egypt, Occupied Palestine, and the United States−−
Electronic Publication and the Critical Intellectual in the Post-Print Era: An Asia-Pacific Perspective−− •Korean translation available
How Long Will US Forces Continue to Occupy Japan and Korea? China, the US and the New Division of Power in the Asia-Pacific •Japanese original available