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An Artificial Heart
The Recent Merging of Anti-Okinawa and Anti-Korean Hate in the Japanese Mass Media
Japan and the United States: Reflections on War, Empire, Race and Culture
China’s Rising Profile in Latin America
Governance and the Cycle of Violence in Papua: The Nduga Crisis¹
A Multifaceted Fukushima—Trauma and Memory in Ōnobu Pelican’s Kiruannya and U-ko
A Famous Flower in Mountain Seclusion 山間の名花
“It Ain’t Over ‘Till It’s Over”: Reflections on the Okinawan Anti-Base Resistance
Will the Dormant Volcano Erupt Again? Mt. Paektu and Contemporary Sino-Korean Relations
China’s Long Term Trade and Currency Goals: The Belt & Road Initiative
Is Japan’s Foreign Workforce Really Growing Rapidly? Understanding the Government Statistics Behind the Myth
The Henoko Base Project: Okinawa’s Tamaki Government at the Brink
Violent Paternalism: On the Banality of Uyghur Unfreedom
More Reasons Why a New Base Must Not/Cannot Be Built at Henoko, Okinawa
Grappling with Clientelism: The Japanese State and Okinawa under Abe Shinzo
A New Governor and a New Era for Okinawa Reflections of an All-Okinawa Activist
South Korea’s Candlelight Revolution and the Future of the Korean Peninsula
Chinggis Khan on Film: Globalization, Nationalism, and Historical Revisionism
“Sold For 40 Yen”: Nishioka Tsutomu’s “Evidence” on the “Comfort Women” Proven Groundless
A War Against Garbage in Postwar Japan
China: The Emergence of the Petroyuan and the Challenge to US Dollar Hegemony
Touring the American empire of bases with the Marines
Civic Lawmaking: The Case of the Domestic Violence Movement in Japan
Performing Ethnic Harmony: The Japanese Government’s Plans for a New Ainu Law
Ghosts of Hiroshima
Hidaka Rokuro, 1917-2018 – The Life and Times of an Embattled Japanese Intellectual
The Volunteer: A story by Chō Chin-bo
The Sino-American Innovation Dilemma: A Conflict with Deep Roots and Tough Solutions
The Constitution Must Be Defended: Thoughts on the Constitution’s Role in Japan’s Postwar Democracy
Dissecting the Wave of Books on Nippon Kaigi, the Rightwing Mass Movement that Threatens Japan’s Future
The Oral History of a Japanese Soldier in Manchuria
Japan’s Integrated Approach to Human Security
“Education and Patriotism” (Kyōiku to aikoku). A Documentary
To Hell with Happy Endings! An Anti-School Manifesto
China’s Belt and Road as a Conduit for Clean Power Projects Around the World
Ecological civilization Politics and Governance in Hangzhou: New pathways to green urban development?
Lifting The Darkness: American and Vietnamese War Poets
A New Interpretation of the Bakufu’s Refusal to Open the Ryukyus to Commodore Perry¹
The Abe State and Okinawan Protest – High Noon 2018
Prologue to the Face of Jizo
Fukushima, Media, Democracy: The Promise of Documentary Film
Japan’s 3.11 Nuclear Disaster and the State of Exception: Notes on Kamanaka’s Interview and Two Recent Films
Household Registration and Suffrage in Post World War II Japan: The case of the Unregistered (Mukosekisha)
Justice Postponed: Ito Shiori and Rape in Japan
Olympic Dissent: Art, Politics, and the Tokyo Olympic Games of 1964 and 2020
Kandō Conservatism – “Moving” war narratives in Japanese online fan videos
“Grandfather Crocodile is my inspiration: Abé Barreto Soares, poetry and nation-building in Timor-Leste
“The Most Dangerous Base in the World”
Can Chinese Cities Leave the Car Behind? Gridlock, Pollution and the Future of Public Transportation
“Brought to You by Our Sponsors”: The TBS Adaptation of Ishiguro’s Novel Never Let Me Go