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US-Japan Conflict and the Rise of the Synthetic in Global Capitalism
The Asia-Pacific War in Japan’s New Moral Education Textbooks
The Scoop Machine: Shukan Bunshun vs Access Journalism and Censorship in Japan: An Interview with Shintani Manabu
Imperial Japan’s Forever War, 1895-1945
Special Issue: Legacies of Fukushima: 3.11 in Context (Table of Contents)
Commemoration and Meaning: The Case of Fukushima
Media Coverage of Fukushima, Ten Years Later
Not Seeing the Contaminated Forest for the Decontaminated Trees in Fukushima
“Worst Cases” Reimagined in a Post-COVID Context
The Hermeneutics of Radiation and the Three Tsunamis
The Road to Fukushima (and Tokyo Olympics): Forgotten Lessons (Again)
Ushering in the New Normal: Viability and Informal Community Leadership in Fukushima Ten Years After 3.11
ORIPARA – Japan’s Olympic and Paralympic Summer Games and Beyond
The US Debacle in Afghanistan: Resources
“I Have No Regrets”
The Afghanistan Debacle
Backdrop to the Fall of Kabul: A Comparative Reflection
Yi Hak-nae and the Burma–Thailand Railway
Depictions of The Bomb and Nuclear Apocalypse in Japanese Anime
Presidential Warfare and the “Forever Wars”
HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT Why we missed the threat of a new pandemic – and other existential risks
Six Decades of US-Japanese Government Collusion in Bringing Nuclear Weapons to Japan.
Japanese Media and China-Japan Relations: From the Normalization of Diplomatic Relations to the Second Abe Regime
Friend or foe? Corporate scandals and foreign attempts to restructure Japan
Japan’s World Heritage Miike Coal Mine – Where prisoners-of-war worked “like slaves”
Taming the Seas: Empires of Fishing, Colonization and Ecological Collapse in the Western Pacific
Imperial Japanese Propaganda and the Founding of The Japan Times 1897-1904
Yamamba as Muse: Three Poems by Noriko Mizuta
China and the February 1, 2021 Coup d’Etat in Burma: Beijing’s Geopolitical Nightmare
What Can Australia Do To Prevent Human Rights Abuses in West Papua?
Japan’s Burakumin (Outcastes) Reconsidered: A Special Issue Refuting Ramseyer’s Interpretation (Table of Contents)
Professor Mark Ramseyer and the Buraku Question: an Introduction
Mistaken Assertions: a response to Mark Ramseyer
Issues in Ramseyer’s Understanding of Modern Buraku History and the Suiheisha
Crucial Fallacies in “On the invention of identity politics the Buraku outcastes in Japan” by J. Mark Ramseyer
Problems with References to Historical Documents in J. M. Ramseyer, “On the Invention of Identity Politics: The Buraku Outcastes in Japan”
Doing Violence to Buraku History: J. Mark Ramseyer's Dangerous Inventions
Letter to the Editors of the Review of Law and Economics: “On the invention of Identity Politics: The Buraku Outcastes in Japan” by J. Mark Ramseyer
Condemning J. Mark Ramseyer’s Paper “On the Invention of Identity Politics: The Buraku Outcastes in Japan”
The “Unrelated” Spirits of Aoyama Cemetery: A 21st Century Reckoning with the Foreign Employees of the Meiji Period
Souvenirs of Solidarity: Toward an Okinawa-centered politics of demilitarization
The Global Green Shift in Electric Power: China in Comparative Perspective
Speak, Okinawa
Japanese Swords as Symbols of Historical Amnesia: Touken Ranbu and the Sword Boom in Popular Media
How the Cleanup of the Fukushima Nuclear Accident Got So Expensive
Dalliance with Ho Chi Minh: Komatsu Kiyoshi in Paris and Hanoi
The Evolution of the East Asian Eco-Developmental State
Early Meiji Diplomacy Viewed through the Lens of the International Treaties Culminating in the Annexation of the Ryukyus
“The Backside of Japan,” Development, and Imperialism in Northeast Asia