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The Origins and Plight of Sensō Koji (War Orphans) in Postwar Japan
This Will Still Be True Tomorrow: “Fukushima Ain’t Got the Time for Olympic Games”: Two Texts on Nuclear Disaster and Pandemic
Japan’s Marital System Reform: The Fūfubessei Movement for Individual Rights
The Reality of the “Right to Counsel” in Japan and the Lawyers’ Campaign to Change It
From Hiroshima to Hollywood: How Pressure from Leslie Groves and President Truman Sabotaged the First Movie About the Bomb
The Quality of Emperorship in 21st Century Japan: Reflections on the Reiwa Accession
Cold War Panic and the Korean War Film: From Bamboo Spears to Body Snatchers
New Film Explores U.S. Suppression of Key Footage from Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Against the Storm: How Japanese printworkers resisted the military regime, 1935-1945
Crash Landing on You and North Korea: Representation and Reception in the Age of K-Drama
Oil Price Wars, Covid-19 Havoc and the Evolving US-China Trade War
Japan’s Integration of All-Hazard Resilience and Covid-19 Countermeasures
Japan’s Streets of Rage: The 1960 US-Japan Security Treaty Uprising and the Origins of Contemporary Japan
Is There Left Populism in Japan? The Case of Reiwa Shinsengumi
Damming the Mekong: China, Laos, Cambodia and the fate of Tonle Sap Lake
Tracing Individual Perceptions of Media Credibility in Post-3.11 Japan
Hong Kong in 2020: Pandemic, Protest and Great Power Rivalry
The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster and Civil Actions as a Social Movement
PM Abe’s Floundering Pandemic Leadership
Japanese Religious Responses to COVID-19: A Preliminary Report
The Illiberal Turn in Indonesian Democracy
Korea’s Sipjangsaeng Iconography: The Quest for Longevity and Immortality in the Visual Arts of the Joseon Dynasty
Networking for War Criminal Amnesty: The Establishment of Japan’s War Convicted Benefit Society
The Testimony of a Victim of Forced Sterilization in Japan: Kita Saburō
Building Holistic Resilience: Tokyo’s 2050 Strategy
Abe Prioritized Olympics, Slowing Japan’s Pandemic Response
Abe Shinzo and Japan’s One-Strong (Ikkyo) State
Japanese Government Keeps Plugging Away at Henoko Base Construction Despite Clear Structural Obstacles
Seized Hearts: “Soft” Japanese Counterinsurgency Before 1945 and Its Persistent Legacies in Postwar Malaya, South Vietnam and Beyond
The “History Wars” and the “Comfort Woman” Issue: Revisionism and the Right-wing in Contemporary Japan and the U.S.
Canada's “History Wars”: The “Comfort Women” and the Nanjing Massacre
Special Issue: Japan’s Olympic Summer Games - Past and Present, Part II (Table of Contents)
Introduction to the Special Issue on Japan’s Olympic’s Summer Games -- Past and Present, Part II
Spinning the Rings: The Media and the 2020 Tokyo Olympics
Can Cities Bring Home the Gold?: What Economic Theory Tells Us about Hosting the Olympic Games
Tokyo 2020: Public Cost and Private Benefit
Did the 2016 Olympics change Rio de Janeiro? Not Much - At Least Not for the Good
Promises of Accessibility for the Tokyo 2020 Games
Bringing the Circus to Town: An Anatomy of the Olympic Movement
1940 Tokyo: The Olympiad that Never Was
Symbolic Transformation: The 1964 Tokyo Games Reconsidered
Light, Currency, Spectacle, and War: Kobayashi Erika’s She Waited (2019)
The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster and the Tokyo Olympics
As If Nothing Had Occurred: Anti-Tokyo Olympics Protests and Concern Over Radiation Exposure
The Tokyo Paralympic Superhero: Manga and Narratives of Disability in Japan
Anti-Olympic Rallying Points, Public Alienation, and Transnational Alliances
Playful Protests and Contested Urban Space: the 2020 Tokyo Olympics Protest Movement
An Opportunity for Japan to Change People’s Perception
Some Pages from the Manga Book ‘Tokyo and Olympics Guide’ with Commentary on Social and Environmental Significance, written by Sean Michael Wilson, illustrated by Makiko Kodama, published by Kodansha, bilingual edition, Dec 2019.
Radiation Disinformation and Human Rights Violations at the Heart of Fukushima and the Olympic Games