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Takeshima/Tokdo and the Roots of Japan-Korea Conflict
Chinese Labor Rights Debated
From a Supporter to a Challenger? Japan's Currency Leadership in Dollar-Dominated East Asia at the Brink of Financial Collapse

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Environmental Ambiguity, Literature, and Ishimure Michiko
China's Industrial Energy Revolution: Renewable targets just became even more demanding (Part 1)
China’s Energy Industrial Revolution (Part 2)
在韓米軍の撤退はもはや既定路線 田岡俊次が朝鮮半島の軍事バランスを分析

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Japan 51st State?
Hiroshima and Nagasaki Peace Declarations, 2002
Words on Receiving the Okinawa Peace Prize
The Okinawa Peace Prize Fraud
The Feud Behind the Scenes: Relocation of the US base on Okinawa
Japan and China Battle for Russia's Oil and Gas
An Omen: The Death Of a Young Child
The Enigma of 9-11
The 2002 Defense Ministry White Paper: Full speed ahead to the national warfare state
Trying Bush's War Crimes: The International Criminal Tribunal for Afghanistan
Sunshine, Containment, War: Korean Options
Japan Through the Eyes of a "Quasi-Refugee"
Japan Should Not Follow U.S. Logic of Force
Can North Korea's Perestroika Succeed?
North Korea Coming in from the cold?
The North Korean Abductions...and the rewriting of Japanese history
Okinawa Antiwar leaflet for US GIs
Japan's War Readiness: Desecration of the Constitution in the Wake of 9-11
"Before My Very Eyes, Children Killed by Bombing"
Letter to the United Nations Security Council: No Nuclear Weapons on Okinawa!
The Era of Northeast Asia
The Iraq War Deeply Invades Our Souls,
High School Students Struggle Against National Anthem Enforcement
The first agonizing step towards stabilizing Northeast Asia
Warning from history: Don't expect democracy in Iraq
Korea, South and North, at Risk
Pearl Harbor and September 11: War Memory and American Patriotism in the 9-11 Era
Is There a Tomorrow for a Japanese Society without Hope? A Dialogue between Kaneko Masaru and Kaneko Masaomi
Crisis in North Korea: the US strategic future in East Asia
Citizens, Foreigners, and the State in the United States and Japan since 9/11
Three Rapes: The Status of Forces Agreement and Okinawa
Japanese Discrimination Against Korean and other Ethnic Schools
Engendering the Concept of Peace: on Violence against Women
Remaking History: Bush's comparison of Iraq with postwar Japan ignores the facts
A Revolution in American Nuclear Policy
Indiscriminate Bombing and the Enola Gay Legacy
Japanese Foreign Policy in Light of the Iraq War