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Takeshima/Tokdo - A Plea to Resolve a Worsening Japan-Korea Dispute
Where the Wild Things Are: The Miyazaki Menagerie
Wrong Again:US policy on North Korea
Japan-North Korea Diplomatic Normalization and Northeast Asia Peace
North Korea Trip Report
Living Soldiers/Dying Soldiers: War and Decivilization in Ishikawa Tatsuzo's Soldiers Alive
Hiroshima Film Cover-up Exposed. Censored 1945 Footage to Air
The American-made Debacle in Iraq
South Korean Mistrust of Japan: Poll
Where is East Asia? Central Asian and Inner Asian Perspectives on Regionalism
Trial of Major Michael Brown/Okinawa
Minamata: The Irresponsibility of the Japanese State
Bouncing Back: Former Iraq hostage continues humanitarian battle
War Atrocities From Manchuria to Abu Ghraib: a Japanese veteran remembers
Inscribing Hiroshima: The Photography of Matsushige Yoshito
U.S. Prepares to Upgrade Nuclear Warhead Arsenal
India, China, the U.S. and the Balance of Power in the Indian Ocean
Formosa's First Nations and the Japanese: from colonial rule to postcolonial resistance
Angkor Wat and Asian Tourism: Hordes bring money, but at what cost?
South Korea and the United States Sixty Years On
Are Electromagnetic Waves the Culprit?
Hiroshima and Nagasaki Peace Declarations, 2002
Terror in Japan
Looking Back on My Days as Ri Koran (Li Xianglan)
China's Banks a New Frontier for Global Finance
Japanese Foreign Policy toward the Middle East 1973 to 1990: the Non-Commitment Policy
"War is the Mother of Civilization": Reflections on the United States and Japan
Kurihara Sadako, 1913-2005
Islanders Want The Truth About Bikini Nuclear Test
Gauging Japan's Role in the Middle East
Warning from history: Don't expect democracy in Iraq
Compensating Colonial Lepers, Slave Laborers and Hibakusha: Troubling Legacies and Evolving Standards of Postcolonial Justice in Japan
The night hell fell from the sky (Korean translation available)
Firebombing and Atom Bombing: an historical perspective on indiscriminate bombing
Nagasaki Peace Declaration, 2003
Sugihara Chiune and the Japanese Conscience: Lest we forget
Democracy and National Security in South Korea: The Song Du Yol Affair
Where is Japan Heading?
Are Self-Defense Force Soldiers Pawns to be Sacrificed?
Peace Declaration
Target China: The Emerging US-China Conflict
The Battle of Azadegan: Japan, Oil and Independence
Community and Identity in Northeast Asia: 1930s and Today
The Nago Mayoral Election and Okinawa s Search for a Way Beyond Bases and Dependence
Japan, South Korea Agonize Over Troop Dispatch to Iraq
20 Years On and Whales are Under Threat Again: Japan, Norway, Iceland
North Korean Refugees in China: A Human Rights Perspective
Language Loss and Revitalization in the Ryukyu Islands
Crimes against Humanity: Japanese Diplomacy, East Timor and the "Truth Commission"
The Dead Bedevil Japan-Korea Relations