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When Violence is No Longer Just Somebody Else’s Pain: Reading Hong Yunshin’s “Comfort Stations” as Remembered by Okinawans During World War II

The Statue of Peace in Berlin: How the Nationalist Reading of Japan’s Wartime “Comfort Women” Backfired

Special Issue: The ‘Comfort Women’ as Public History (Table of Contents)
The ‘Comfort Women’ Issue, Freedom of Speech, and Academic Integrity: A Study Aid
Transmitting Knowledge and Gaining Recognition: Chinese “Comfort Women” Reparation Trials in the 1990s and 2000s
Slaves to rival nationalisms: UNESCO and the politics of ‘comfort women’ commemoration
Asia’s global memory wars and solidarity across borders: diaspora activism on the “comfort women” issue in the United States
Reconstructing the History of the “Comfort Women” System: The Fruits of 28 years of Investigation into the “Comfort Women” Issue in China
Voices of the ”Comfort Women”: The Power Politics Surrounding the UNESCO Documentary Heritage
Debating Shusenjo - the Main Battlefield of the Comfort Women Issue: Director Miki Dezaki in conversation with Mark R. Frost and Edward Vickers
Introduction: The “Comfort Women” as Public History - Scholarship, Advocacy and the Commemorative Impulse
The “History Wars” and the “Comfort Woman” Issue: Revisionism and the Right-wing in Contemporary Japan and the U.S.
Canada's “History Wars”: The “Comfort Women” and the Nanjing Massacre
Freedom Fighting: Nagoya’s censored art exhibition and the “comfort women” controversy
“Sold For 40 Yen”: Nishioka Tsutomu’s “Evidence” on the “Comfort Women” Proven Groundless
The Comfort Women and State Prostitution
The Comfort Women Controversy - Lessons from Taiwan
“The Comfort Women were Prostitutes”: Repercussions of remarks by the Japanese Consul General in Atlanta
The Stakes of Historical Revisionism in Trump’s America: Teaching about the Comfort Women Atrocity in the Japanese Empire
Overcoming Double Erasure: Japanese “comfort women”, nationalism and trafficking.
Thinking About Coercion in the Context of Prostitution: Japan’s Military ‘Comfort Women’ and Contemporary Sexually-Exploited Women
Are You Listening to the Voices of the Victims? My Critique of Park Yuha’s Comfort Women of the Empire
The South Korean Controversy Over the Comfort Women, Justice and Academic Freedom: The Case of Park Yuha
The Impact of “Comfort Woman” Revisionism on the Academy, the Press, and the Individual: Symposium on the U.S. Tour of Uemura Takashi
Reflections on the Symposium at Marquette University: “Integrity of Memory: ‘Comfort Women’ in Focus”
Special Issue: The Impact of “Comfort Woman” Revisionism on the Academy, the Press, and the Individual: Symposium on the U.S. Tour of Uemura Takashi (Table of Contents)
You Don't Want to Know About the Girls? The 'Comfort Women', the Japanese Military and Allied Forces in the Asia-Pacific War
'Comfort Women' Denial and the Japanese Right
Striving for “Normalization” – Korea-Japan Civic Cooperation and the Attempt to Resolve the “Comfort Women” problem
'Comfort Woman' Revisionism Comes to the U.S.: Symposium on The Revisionist Film Screening Event at Central Washington University
The U.S. as “Major Battleground” for “Comfort Woman” Revisionism: The Screening of Scottsboro Girls at Central Washington University
Responding to “Comfort Woman” Denial at Central Washington University
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Fact Sheet on Japanese Military “Comfort Women”
Sink the Asahi! The ‘Comfort Women’ Controversy and the Neo-nationalist Attack !
Labeled the reporter who “fabricated” the comfort woman issue: A Rebuttal
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Journalist Who Broke Comfort Women Story Files 16.5 million Yen Libel Suit Against Bungei Shunju: Uemura Takashi’s Speech to the Press
Reexamining the “Comfort Women” Issue An Interview with Yoshimi Yoshiaki. Intoduction by Satoko Oka Norimatsu
'If we don't face our past, we're bound to repeat the same mistakes.' Japanese wartime medical orderly reports on army's role in maintaining 'comfort women' system
Addressing Japan’s ‘Comfort Women’ Issue From an Academic Standpoint
Uncomfortable Questions in the Wake of Nuclear Accidents at Fukushima and Chernobyl
Proposals for Japan and the ROK to Resolve the “Comfort Women” Issue: Creating trust and peace in light of international law
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The NHK Comfort Women Documentary -- 10 Years Later
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Korean Americans Enter the Historical Memory Wars on Behalf of the Comfort Women
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The Committee of the Historical Science Society of Japan's Critique of the Japanese Government's Stance on the Wartime “Comfort Women” Issue
Toward Resolution of the Comfort Women Issue—The 1000th Wednesday Protest in Seoul and Japanese Intransigence
Out With Human Rights, In With Government-Authored History: The Comfort Women and the Hashimoto Prescription for a ‘New Japan’
Nikon, Neo-Nationalists and a Censored Comfort Women Photo Exhibition,
The Comfort Women, the Asian Women's Fund and the Digital Museum
Passage of H.Res. 121 on "Comfort Women", the US Congress and Historical Memory in Japan
The New Guinea Comfort Women, Japan and the Australian Connection: out of the shadows