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Imperial Gateway: Colonial Taiwan and Japan's Expansion in South China and Southeast Asia, 1895–1945

Securing the Seas, Securing the State: The Inside/Outside of ‘Indo-Pacific’ Geopolitics
The Intractability of the Sino-Japanese Senkaku/Diaoyu Territorial Dispute: Historical Memory, People’s Diplomacy and Transnational Activism, 1961-1978
U.S. Accession to the Law of the Sea Convention? A Challenge for America’s Global Leadership
Rasa Island: What Industrialization To Remember and Forget
China Not Leaving the “South China Sea”
China, the Philippines, Vietnam, and International Arbitration in the South China Sea
‘China Threat Theory’ Drives Japanese War Legislation
Okinawa, Taiwan, and the Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands in United States–Japan–China Relations
Rules and Rocks: The US-China Standoff Over the South China Sea Islands
The Wired Seas of Asia: China, Japan, the US and Australia
The Japan-China Confrontation Over the Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands – Between “shelving” and “dispute escalation”
Abe Shinzo and the U.S.-Japan Relationship in a Global Context
The San Francisco System: Past, Present, Future in U.S.-Japan-China Relations
From Cold War Thaws to the Arctic Thaw: The Changing Arctic and Its Security Implications for East Asia
Taiwan and the Ryukyus (Okinawa) in Asia-Pacific Multilateral Relations – a Long-term Historical Perspective on Territorial Claims and Conflicts
China-Japan Territorial Conflicts and the US-Japan-China Relations in Historical and Contemporary Perspective
What’s Hot
Trouble at Sea
Economic Nationalism and Regionalism in Contemporary East Asia
ASEAN’S Code of Conduct in the South China Sea: A Litmus Test for Community-Building?
The San Francisco Peace Treaty and Frontier Problems in the Regional Order in East Asia: A Sixty Year Perspective−−60
Resolving the China-Japan Conflict Over the Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands
China's Naval Expansion in the Indian Ocean and India-China Rivalry
Vietnam and China in an Era of Economic Uncertainty
Untying the Kurillian Knot: Toward an Åland-Inspired Solution for the Russo-Japanese Territorial Dispute
A Helping Chinese Hand: Trade and Aid with Southeast Asia
Territorial Conflicts in the East China Sea – From Missed Opportunities to Negotiation Stalemate
China, The Impeccable Affair and Renewed Rivalry in the South China Sea
China, Japan, and Indonesia's LNG Ploys
China's Global Search for Energy Security: cooperation and competition in the Asia-Pacific
A Southward Thrust for China's Energy Diplomacy in the South China Sea
Border-Crossers and Resistance to US Military Rule in the Ryukyus, 1945-1953
Conflict in the South China Sea: China's Relations with Vietnam and the Philippines
Micronesia and the Postwar Remaking of the Asia Pacific: "An American Lake"
Carbon-Free and Nuclear-Free: A Roadmap for U.S. Energy Policy
Japan Vies With China for Dominance in Indochina and ASEAN
China's Strategic Southeast Asian Overture
Chinese Advance in the South Pacific: Entrepreneurs Undaunted by Papua New Guinea Dangers
Cold War Frontiers in the Asia-Pacific: The Troubling Legacy of the San Francisco Treaty
China's Rise in Southeast Asia: Implications for Japan and the United States
Dire Straits: Competing Security Priorities in the South China Sea
The 2002 Defense Ministry White Paper: Full speed ahead to the national warfare state