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The Reality of the “Right to Counsel” in Japan and the Lawyers’ Campaign to Change It
Backstory to Abe’s Snap Election – the Secrets of Moritomo, Kake and the “Missing” Japan SDF Activity Logs
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A New State Secrecy Law for Japan?
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Immigrants or Temporary Workers? A Visionary Call for a “Japanese-style Immigration Nation”−−
Transfer of Power at Japan's Justice Ministry
U.N. Committee Faults Japan Human Rights Performance, Demands Progress Report on Key Issues
Aso Revelations on Wartime POW Labor Highlight the Need for a Real National Archive in Japan [Official Documents Appended] [Japanese Translation Available]
Foreign Ministry Failure to Provide Documents on 1965 Japan-Korea Normalization Pact is Illegal: Tokyo Court
Citizenship at Stake. U.S. Records Prove Paternity; Japanese Ministry Denies Access to Records
Politicians, Teachers and the Japanese Constitution: Flag, Freedom and the State