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X Social Movements
Japan’s Problematic Prefecture – Okinawa and the US-Japan Relationship
From Fukushima: To Despair Properly, To Find the Next Step
“We need to recognize this hopeless sight…. To recognize that this horrible crime is what our country is doing to us”: Interview with Mutō Ruiko
Japanese Elections: The Ghost of Constitutional Revision and Campaign Discourse
All Okinawa Goes to Washington – The Okinawan Appeal to the American Government and People
To the Courts! To the Streets! Okinawa at December 2015
Introduction: The Experts Report and the Future of Okinawa
Fukushima and the Crisis of Democracy: Interview with Murakami Tatsuya
To Hell With Capitalism: Snapshots from the Crab Cannery Ship
Vietnam: Okinawa's Forgotten War
Illusions of Self: The Life and Poetry of Ishikawa Takuboku
Juche in the United States: The Black Panther Party’s Relations with North Korea, 1969-1971
Japan's 1968: A Collective Reaction to Rapid Economic Growth in an Age of Turmoil
“All Japan” versus “All Okinawa” - Abe Shinzo’s Military-Firstism
The Internet and Personal Narratives in the Post-Disaster Anti-Nuclear Movement
Fukushima, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Maralinga
Natural Disaster, Trauma and Activism in the Art of Takamine Tadasu
The Recognition of Nuclear Trauma in Sagashite imasu (I am Searching)
Images of Suffering, Resilience and Compassion in Post 3/11 Japan
'Life's First Night' and the Treatment of Hansen's Disease in Japan
Labeled the reporter who “fabricated” the comfort woman issue: A Rebuttal
Storm Ahead: Okinawa's Outlook for 2015
China’s Global Dam Builder at a Crossroads
Japan’s Resilient, Decarbonizing and Democratic Smart Communities
The End of the Postwar? The Abe Government, Okinawa, and Yonaguni Island
MSG Headache, West Papuan Heartache? Indonesia's Melanesian Foray MSG()
Gender Equality in Japan: The Equal Employment Opportunity Law Revisited
Three Views of Local Consciousness in Hong Kong
Protest Art in 1950s Japan: The Forgotten Reportage Painters
Martial Law and the Criminalization of Thought in Thailand
Reality through Fantasy: Miyazaki Hayao’s “Anime” Films
Korean Film Companies in U.S. Occupied Japan: Imagining an Independent Korea
The Japan-Korea Solidarity Movement in the 1970s and 1980s: From Solidarity to Reflexive Democracy
The Myth of the 'Pacifist' Japanese Constitution
New Lives: Some Case Studies of Minamata
Uprising: Music, youth, and protest against the policies of the Abe Shinzō government
Political Protest in Interwar Japan--Part II
Trial Support Groups Lobby for Japanese Prisoner Rights, Fight to Rectify Injustices
What March 11 Means to Me: Nuclear Power and the Sacrificial System
Limited Regular Employment and the Reform of Japan’s Division of Labor
Worker-Intellectual Unity: Suicide, trans-border sociological intervention, and the Foxconn-Apple connection
Japan’s 2013 State Secrecy Act -- The Abe Administration’s Threat to News Reporting
Beyond the Bubble, Beyond Fukushima: Reconsidering the History of Postwar Japan
Mobilizing Nuclear Bias: The Fukushima Nuclear Crisis and the Politics of Uncertainty
Safecast or the Production of Collective Intelligence on Radiation Risks after 3.11
The Front Line in the Struggle for Democracy in Japan – Nago City, Okinawa
Former Iwakuni Mayor Ihara Reflects on the Problem of US Bases in Japan
Japan’s Designated Secrets Protection Law Would Foreclose Criticisms of the Government
Can Abenomics Cope With Environmental Disaster?
Music in Japanese Antinuclear Demonstrations: The Evolution of a Contentious Performance Model