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X Popular Culture
The Search for the Beautiful Woman: A Cultural History of Japanese and Chinese Beauty
Selections from “Ukiyo-e Landscapes and Edo Scenic Places”
A Childhood Memoir of Wartime Japan
Swaying, Swinging
Muddy River
Japan's 1968: A Collective Reaction to Rapid Economic Growth in an Age of Turmoil
Producing Okinawan Cultural Identity in Hawai`i’s 'Multicultural Paradise'
Saotome Katsumoto and the Firebombing of Tokyo: Introducing The Great Tokyo Air Raid
Introduction: Art and Activism in Post-Disaster Japan
The Internet and Personal Narratives in the Post-Disaster Anti-Nuclear Movement
Fukushima, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Maralinga
The Post-3/11 Quest for True Kizuna – Shi no Tsubute by Wagō Ryōichi and Kamisama 2011 by Kawakami Hiromi
Australia’s “Asian Century”: Time, Space and Public Culture
Imaging Disaster: Tokyo and the Visual Culture of Japan’s Great Earthquake of 1923
'Life's First Night' and the Treatment of Hansen's Disease in Japan
Never Again: Hiroshima, Auschwitz and the Politics of Commemoration
The Japanese State’s New Assault on the Victims of Wartime Sexual Slavery
'Distancing Acts': Private Mercenaries and the War on Terror in American Foreign Policy
US Strategic Negligence, North Korea and the Sony Slideshow
Stranger than Fiction: The Interview and U.S. Regime-Change Policy Toward North Korea
The Secret History of Cannabis in Japan
Going Native, Going Global: The Violin in Modern Japan
MSG Headache, West Papuan Heartache? Indonesia's Melanesian Foray MSG()
The Modern Girl as Militarist: Female Soldiers In and Beyond Japan’ Self-Defense Forces
The Japanese Way of Silence and Seclusion: Memes of Imperial Women
So Happy to see Cherry Blossoms: Haiku from the Year of the Great Earthquake and Tsunami
Korean Film Companies in U.S. Occupied Japan: Imagining an Independent Korea
New Lives: Some Case Studies of Minamata
Uprising: Music, youth, and protest against the policies of the Abe Shinzō government
Political Protest in Interwar Japan Part I
Political Protest in Interwar Japan--Part II
Social Protest in Imperial Japan: The Hibiya Riot of 1905
Exhibiting the Past: China’s Nanjing Massacre Memorial Museum
Japan in the public culture of South Korea, 1945–2000s: The making and remaking of colonial sites and memories
Surviving the Battle of Okinawa: Memories of a Schoolgirl
Critical New Stage in Japan’s Textbook Controversy
Imperial Tokyo as a Contact Zone: the Metropolitan Tours of Taiwanese Aborigines, 1897-1941
Are You Coming to the Matsuri?: Tsunami Recovery and Folk Performance Culture on Iwate's Rikuch Coast
Bombs Bursting in Air: State and citizen responses to the US firebombing and Atomic bombing of Japan
'Why on earth is something as important as this not in the textbooks?' – Teaching Supplements, Student Essays, and History Education in Japan
Leaving Asia? The Meaning of Datsu-A and Japan’s Modern History
Revisioning a Japanese Spiritual Recovery through Manga: Yasukuni and the Aesthetics and Ideology of Kobayashi Yoshinori’s “Gomanism”
Music in Japanese Antinuclear Demonstrations: The Evolution of a Contentious Performance Model
So Happy to See Cherry Blossoms: Haiku from the Year of the Great Earthquake and Tsunami
Sports, Motherhood, and the Female Body in Contemporary Japan
The Sloppy Realities of 3.11 in Shiriagari Kotobuki’s Manga
Architect Kuma Kengo: ‘a product of place’
The Korean “Cinema of Assimilation” and the Construction of Cultural Hegemony in the Final Years of Japanese Rule
The Manga “Oishinbo” Controversy: Radiation and Nose Bleeding in the Wake of 3.11
281_Anti Nuke: The Japanese street artist taking on Tokyo, TEPCO and the nation’s right-wing extremists 281_Anti Nuke