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X Nationality
Should “Gunkanjima” Be a World Heritage site? - The forgotten scars of Korean forced labor
Opening the Door to Peace on the Korean Peninsula: Women Cross DMZ
Zen and War: A Commentary on Brian Victoria and Karl Baier's Analysis of Daisetz Suzuki and Count Dürckheim
To Hell With Capitalism: Snapshots from the Crab Cannery Ship
Repatriation But Not “Return”: A Japanese Brazilian Dekasegi Goes Back to Brazil
The March 2015 Bombings of Yunnan and the Decline in Sino-Myanmar Relations 20153
Illusions of Self: The Life and Poetry of Ishikawa Takuboku
Juche in the United States: The Black Panther Party’s Relations with North Korea, 1969-1971
The Asia-Pacific War and the Failed Second Anglo-Japanese Civilian Exchange, 1942-45
Australia’s “Asian Century”: Time, Space and Public Culture
Imaging Disaster: Tokyo and the Visual Culture of Japan’s Great Earthquake of 1923
Citizenship and North Korea in the Zainichi Korean Imagination: The Art of Insook Kim ・
'Only a disciplined people can build a nation': North Korean Mass Games and Third Worldism in Guyana, 1980-1992
Labeled the reporter who “fabricated” the comfort woman issue: A Rebuttal
MSG Headache, West Papuan Heartache? Indonesia's Melanesian Foray MSG()
Three Views of Local Consciousness in Hong Kong
Korean Film Companies in U.S. Occupied Japan: Imagining an Independent Korea
Jus Koseki: Household registration and Japanese citizenship
Stories from Beyond the Grave: Investigating Japanese Burial Grounds in North Korea
The Okinawan Diaspora in Japan at War
The Seismic Shifts Behind the Coup in Thailand
Cosmetic Surgery and Embodying the Moral Self in South Korean Popular Makeover Culture
Operation Red Hat: Chemical weapons and the Pentagon smokescreen on Okinawa
Uncomfortable Questions in the Wake of Nuclear Accidents at Fukushima and Chernobyl
Dances of Memory, Dances of Oblivion: The Politics of Performance in Contemporary Okinawa
Tohoku Has Been Rent Asunder for Future Generations
Japan’s Rightward Swing and the Tottori Prefecture Human Rights Ordinance
Rule in the Name of Protection: The Japanese State, the Ainu and the Vocabulary of Colonialism
Mongolian Coal's Long Road to Market: China, Russia and Mongolia
Darvish in Texas: Haafu identity and athletic celebrity
Ryukyu/Okinawa, From Disposal to Resistance
Fractious Memories in Medoruma Shun’s Tales of War
Civilisation and Its Discontents in Contemporary China
North Korea’s Partisan Family State
China’s Green Power Experiment: Whither the Environment?−−?
Nikon, Neo-Nationalists and a Censored Comfort Women Photo Exhibition,
Red and Yellow: Thailand's Future in Check and Balance −−
Burma 2012: Democracy and Dictatorship2012−−
Social Media, Information and Political Activism in Japan’s 3.11 Crisis311
Japan’s Economy in 2012: Multiple Challenges2012−−
Eco-Model City Kitakyushu and Japan's Disposal of Radioactive Tsunami Debris
Being Okinawan in Japan: The Diaspora Experience
The Anime Director, the Fantasy Girl and the Very Real Tsunami
Therapy for Depression: Social Meaning of Japanese Melodrama in the Heisei Era−−
Who Should Bear the Burden of US Bases? Governor Nakaima’s Plea for a “Relocation Site Outside of Okinawa Prefecture, but within Japan”
Documenting Urban Indigeneity: TOKYO Ainu and the 2011 survey on the living conditions of Ainu outside Hokkaido––2011
Futenma: Tip of the Iceberg in Okinawa’s Agony−−
“Unacceptable and Unendurable:” Local Okinawa Mayor Says NO to US Marine Base Plan
Tunneling Through Nationalism: The Phenomenology of a Certain Nationalist-
Against Forgetting: Three Generations of Artists in Japan in Dialogue about the Legacies of World War II−−