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X Identity
Surviving the Last Train From Hiroshima: The Poignant Case of a Double Hibakusha
Zen and War: A Commentary on Brian Victoria and Karl Baier's Analysis of Daisetz Suzuki and Count Dürckheim
Sawaki Kōdō, Zen and Wartime Japan: Final Pieces of the Puzzle
The Abe Government and the 2014 Screening of Japanese Junior High School History Textbooks 2014
Repatriation But Not “Return”: A Japanese Brazilian Dekasegi Goes Back to Brazil
Illusions of Self: The Life and Poetry of Ishikawa Takuboku
Juche in the United States: The Black Panther Party’s Relations with North Korea, 1969-1971
Japan's 1968: A Collective Reaction to Rapid Economic Growth in an Age of Turmoil
Horses, Horses, In the Innocence of Light
“All Japan” versus “All Okinawa” - Abe Shinzo’s Military-Firstism
Producing Okinawan Cultural Identity in Hawai`i’s 'Multicultural Paradise'
The Emperor Qianlong’s Tours of Southern China: Painting, Poetry, and the Politics of Spectacle
Remembering Hiroshima and the Lucky Dragon in Chim↑Pom’s Level 7 feat. “Myth of Tomorrow”
The Post-3/11 Quest for True Kizuna – Shi no Tsubute by Wagō Ryōichi and Kamisama 2011 by Kawakami Hiromi
Australia’s “Asian Century”: Time, Space and Public Culture
'Only a disciplined people can build a nation': North Korean Mass Games and Third Worldism in Guyana, 1980-1992
The Modern Girl as Militarist: Female Soldiers In and Beyond Japan’ Self-Defense Forces
Three Views of Local Consciousness in Hong Kong
Korean Film Companies in U.S. Occupied Japan: Imagining an Independent Korea
The Life and Death of Lafcadio Hearn: A 110-year perspective
Jus Koseki: Household registration and Japanese citizenship
Bounded Collectivism: Approaching Rural Land Rights and Labor Through “Natural Villages” in Southwest China
Surviving the Battle of Okinawa: Memories of a Schoolgirl
Hidden Behind Tokyo: Japan's Rural Periphery
Worker-Intellectual Unity: Suicide, trans-border sociological intervention, and the Foxconn-Apple connection
Imperial Tokyo as a Contact Zone: the Metropolitan Tours of Taiwanese Aborigines, 1897-1941
Migrant Workers’ Children and China’s Future: The Educational Divide
Are You Coming to the Matsuri?: Tsunami Recovery and Folk Performance Culture on Iwate's Rikuch Coast
Leaving Asia? The Meaning of Datsu-A and Japan’s Modern History
The Rage of Exile: In the Wake of Fukushima
The Sloppy Realities of 3.11 in Shiriagari Kotobuki’s Manga
The Korean “Cinema of Assimilation” and the Construction of Cultural Hegemony in the Final Years of Japanese Rule
Cosmetic Surgery and Embodying the Moral Self in South Korean Popular Makeover Culture
“Banzai!” The Compulsory Mass Suicide of Kerama Islanders in the Battle of Okinawa
Ikeda Manabu, the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake, and Disaster/Nuclear Art in Japan
Dances of Memory, Dances of Oblivion: The Politics of Performance in Contemporary Okinawa
The 10th Anniversary of the Iraq War
Human Rights, Memory and Reconciliation: Korea-Japan Relations
Truth to Power: Japanese Media, International Media and 3.11 Reportage
Japan’s Rightward Swing and the Tottori Prefecture Human Rights Ordinance
Darvish in Texas: Haafu identity and athletic celebrity
The Incident at Nishibeta Village: A Classic Manga by Tsuge Yoshiharu from the Garo Years
“Revelations from the Sea”: An Artist’s Response to the Disasters of March 11th, 2011−− 2011.3.11
The Suddenly Relevant Activist Antics of Artist Collective Chim↑Pom: Challenging Japan’s Nuclear Power Agenda Chim↑Pom −−
North Korea’s Partisan Family State
China’s Green Power Experiment: Whither the Environment?−−?
Nikon, Neo-Nationalists and a Censored Comfort Women Photo Exhibition,
Red and Yellow: Thailand's Future in Check and Balance −−
North Koreans in South Korea: In Search of Their Humanity−−
Death of the “Legendary Okama” Tōgō Ken: Challenging Commonsense Lifestyles in Postwar Japan−−