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From Fukushima: To Despair Properly, To Find the Next Step
The Asian Super Grid
Okinawans Say “No Pasarán” to the U.S. Marines: A delegation to Washington asks the Obama administration to respect democracy
The Trans-Pacific Partnership: A Deeply Flawed Partnership (TPP)
The Sense of Sacred: Mauna Kea and Oura Bay
The End of the Postwar? The Abe Government, Okinawa, and Yonaguni Island
Bounded Collectivism: Approaching Rural Land Rights and Labor Through “Natural Villages” in Southwest China
Surviving the Battle of Okinawa: Memories of a Schoolgirl
Hidden Behind Tokyo: Japan's Rural Periphery
A New Chinese Land Reform?
Bitter Soup For Okinawans - The Governor’s Year-End Betrayal
Systems of Irresponsibility and Japan’s Internal Colony
Hard Times in Fukushima
Nobody Dies in a Ghost Town: Path Dependence in Japan's 3.11 Disaster and Reconstruction
Japan's Cut-Price Nuclear Cleanup
Fukushima: Life and the Transnationality of Radioactive Contamination
Mission Impossible. What Future Fukushima?
Okinawa’s “Darkest Year”
The Roadmap for Fukushima Daiichi and the Sacrifice of Japan's Clean-up Workers
Green Shoot: Abenomics and the 3rd Arrow
Training Women for Disasters: Gender, Crisis Management (Kiki Kanri) and Post-3.11 Nationalism in Japan

Renewable Energy vs. Nuclear Power: Taiwan’s energy future in light of Chinese, German and Japanese experience since 3.11

Above the East China Sea: Okinawa During the Battle and Today
Post-Tsunami Japan’s Push To Rebuild Coast in Concrete
Concentrating Solar Power – China’s New Solar Frontier
Abe at Ground Zero: the consequences of inaction at Fukushima Daiichi
Rule in the Name of Protection: The Japanese State, the Ainu and the Vocabulary of Colonialism
The US Military, Green Energy, and the SPIDERS at Pearl Harbor
Mongolian Coal's Long Road to Market: China, Russia and Mongolia
Getting to Zero: Doing the Nuclear Math about Japan’s Ageing Reactors
Japanese Colonial Cartography: Maps, Mapmaking, and the Land Survey in Colonial Korea
Distributed Power and Incentives in Post-Fukushima Japan
Local Economies and the Future of Environmental Sustainability in Japan and Asia: Osaka and Kitakyushu
Life-world: Beyond Fukushima and Minamata
Yonaguni: Dilemmas of a Frontier Island in the East China Sea
The 'Bright Future' of Japan's Nuclear Industry
Japanese Nuclear Power Generation Comes to a Vietnamese Village
Japan’s Energy Policy at a Crossroads: A Renewable Energy Future?
The Advance—and the Limits—of Trade Integration in Asia
ASEAN’S Code of Conduct in the South China Sea: A Litmus Test for Community-Building?
Post-Fukushima Realities and Japan’s Energy Future
China’s Green Power Experiment: Whither the Environment?−−?
Red and Yellow: Thailand's Future in Check and Balance −−
Becoming “Chinese”—But What “Chinese”?—in Southeast Asia−−
Japan’s Economy in 2012: Multiple Challenges2012−−
The NATO Afghanistan War and US-Russian Relations: Drugs, Oil, and WarNATO−−
After The Media Has Gone: Fukushima, Suicide and the Legacy of 3.113.11
From Uniqlo to NGOs: The Problematic “Culture of Giving” in Inter-Disaster Japan−−
The Geopolitics of Hydropower in Central Asia: the Syr Darya −−
Radiation Decontamination in Fukushima: a critical perspective from the ground−−