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China’s Continuing Renewable Energy Revolution – latest trends in electric power generation
From Fukushima: To Despair Properly, To Find the Next Step
“We need to recognize this hopeless sight…. To recognize that this horrible crime is what our country is doing to us”: Interview with Mutō Ruiko
Hioki’s Smart Community and Japan’s Structural Reform
The Asian Super Grid
Fukushima and the Crisis of Democracy: Interview with Murakami Tatsuya
The Greening of China's Black Electric Power System? Insights from 2014 Data
Horses, Horses, In the Innocence of Light
The Making of “A Body in Fukushima”: A Journey through an Ongoing Disaster
Introduction: Art and Activism in Post-Disaster Japan
Fukushima, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Maralinga
Natural Disaster, Trauma and Activism in the Art of Takamine Tadasu
Komatsu, Smart Construction, Creative Destruction, and Japan’s Robot Revolution 、
Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience as Structural Reform in Abenomics
China's Triangle Diplomacy
China’s Global Dam Builder at a Crossroads
North American Universities and the 1965 Indonesian Massacre: Indonesian Guilt and Western Responsibility 1965
Japan’s Resilient, Decarbonizing and Democratic Smart Communities
Japan's Radical Energy Technocrats: Structural Reform Through Smart Communities, the Feed-in Tariff and Japanese-Style 'Stadtwerke' (FiT)Stadtwerke ()
Undermining Nuclear Non-Proliferation: Energy and Security Politics in the Australia-India-Japan-U.S. Nuclear Nexus ···
Transforming Mongolia-Russia-China Relations: The Dushanbe Trilateral Summit
China's renewable energy revolution: what is driving it?
The Fates of American Presidents Who Challenged the Deep State (1963-1980) (1963-1980)
A New Japanese Miracle? Its Hamstrung Feed-in Tariff Actually Works
Mobilizing Nuclear Bias: The Fukushima Nuclear Crisis and the Politics of Uncertainty
Changing Modes of Political Dialogue Across the Middle East and East Asia, 1880-2010
What March 11 Means to Me: Nuclear Power and the Sacrificial System
Could a US-Japan “Green Alliance” Transform the Climate-Energy Equation?
Abe Shinzo and the U.S.-Japan Relationship in a Global Context
The Dulles Brothers, Harry Dexter White, Alger Hiss, and the Fate of the Private Pre-War International Banking System
Japan’s Energy Policy Impasse
China’s Continuing Renewable Energy Revolution: Global Implications
Beyond the Bubble, Beyond Fukushima: Reconsidering the History of Postwar Japan
Al-Jazeera America on the Fukushima Triple Disaster, Three Years On
How Important is the Tokyo Gubernatorial Election?
Systems of Irresponsibility and Japan’s Internal Colony
Spinning the Tokyo Metro Election
Abe’s Nuclear Energy Policy and Japan’s Future

Fukushima, Fuel Rods, and the Crisis of Divided and Distracted Governance

Water, Water Everywhere: Incentives and Options at Fukushima Daiichi and Beyond
In the Dark With Tepco: Fukushima’s Legacy for Nuclear Power
US Government Protection of Al-Qaeda Terrorists and the US-Saudi Black Hole
Just Gas? Smart Power and Koizumi’s Anti-Nuclear Challenge?
The Roadmap for Fukushima Daiichi and the Sacrifice of Japan's Clean-up Workers
The Marines Will Not Defend the Senkakus
Green Shoot: Abenomics and the 3rd Arrow
What Role for Nuclear Power in Japan’s Future?
After Nuclear Disaster: The decision-making of Fukushima University authorities, the threat to democratic governance and countermovement actions
Japan's Rollout of Smart Cities: What Role for the Citizens?
How Much Energy Will the 2014 World Cup Consume?