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X International Law & Tribunals
The Trans-Pacific Partnership: A Deeply Flawed Partnership (TPP)
The Abe Government and the 2014 Screening of Japanese Junior High School History Textbooks 2014
The Asia-Pacific War and the Failed Second Anglo-Japanese Civilian Exchange, 1942-45
Never Again: Hiroshima, Auschwitz and the Politics of Commemoration
Doom and Gloom or Economic Boom? The Myth of the 'North Korean Collapse'
War by Other Means: The Violence of North Korean Human Rights
South Korea, the United States and Emergency Powers During the Korean Conflict
The Responsibility of Intellectuals Redux: Humanitarian Intervention and the Liberal Embrace of War in the Age of Clinton, Bush and Obama
Taiwan and the Ryukyus (Okinawa) in Asia-Pacific Multilateral Relations – a Long-term Historical Perspective on Territorial Claims and Conflicts
War, War Crimes, Power and Justice: Toward a Jurisprudence of Conscience−−
Rejected by All Plaintiffs: Failure of the Nishimatsu-Shinanogawa “Settlement” with Chinese Forced Laborers in Wartime Japan−− •Chinese original available
History on Trial: French Nippon Foundation Sues Scholar for Libel to Protect the Honor of Sasakawa Ryōichi—— •French, Japanese documents available
US Bases and Empire: Global Perspectives on the Asia Pacific
US Deployment of Nuclear Weapons in 1950s South Korea & North Korea's Nuclear Development: Toward Denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula
Grappling with Cold War History: Korea's Embattled Truth and Reconciliation Commission
Somali Piracy, International Customary Law, and the Dispatch of Japan's MSDF
A My Lai a Month: How the US Fought the Vietnam War
Memory, Apology, and International Reconciliation
Japan, the United States and Yasukuni Nationalism: War, Historical Memory and the Future of the Asia Pacific
War Responsibility and Historical Memory: Hirohito's Apparition
On the Brink. Prospects for US-DPRK Settlement Dim Again
From a Woman Aggressor. Reflections on Japan and the Asia Pacific War
Japanese and American War Atrocities, Historical Memory and Reconciliation: World War II to Today
The Comfort Women, the Asian Women's Fund and the Digital Museum
Compulsory Mass Suicide, the Battle of Okinawa, and Japan's Textbook Controversy
Revising the Past, Complicating the Future: The Yushukan War Museum in Modern Japanese History
Philosophy as Activism in Neo-Liberal, Neo-Nationalist Japan