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X Terrorism
Making More Enemies than We Kill? Calculating U.S. Bomb Tonnages Dropped on Laos and Cambodia, and Weighing Their Implications
Juche in the United States: The Black Panther Party’s Relations with North Korea, 1969-1971
An Innocent Man: Hakamada Iwao and the Problem of Wrongful Convictions in Japan
Australia in America's Third Iraq War
'Distancing Acts': Private Mercenaries and the War on Terror in American Foreign Policy
Stranger than Fiction: The Interview and U.S. Regime-Change Policy Toward North Korea
The Erosion of Democracy in South Korea: The Dissolution of the Unified Progressive Party and the Incarceration of Lee Seok-ki ()
Democracy's Porous Borders: Espionage, Smuggling and the Making of Japan's Transwar Regime (Part 2)
Police Surveillance of Muslims and Human Rights in Japan
The American Deep State, Deep Events, and Off-the-Books Financing
Indonesia, Australia and the Edward Snowden Legacy: Shifting asymmetries of power
Japan’s Designated Secrets Protection Law Would Foreclose Criticisms of the Government
Zen as a Cult of Death in the Wartime Writings of D.T. Suzuki
US Government Protection of Al-Qaeda Terrorists and the US-Saudi Black Hole
The Responsibility of Intellectuals Redux: Humanitarian Intervention and the Liberal Embrace of War in the Age of Clinton, Bush and Obama
Rethinking the Prospects for Korean Democracy in Light of the Sinking of the Cheonan and North-South Conflict
The Aftermath of the Emperor-Organ Incident: the Tōdai Faculty of Law
It Is Not Chittagong Here – It Is Indonesia
Systemic Destabilization in Recent American History: 9/11, the JFK Assassination, and the Oklahoma City Bombing as a Strategy of Tension
In Deep Denial on North Korea and Prospects for US-North Korea Negotiations
Red and Yellow: Thailand's Future in Check and Balance −−
An Afghan Okinawa
The NATO Afghanistan War and US-Russian Relations: Drugs, Oil, and WarNATO−−
Global Perspectives on Nuclear Safety and Security After 3-113.11
Launching the U.S. Terror War: the CIA, 9/11, Afghanistan, and Central Asia9.11
Buddhism and Disasters: From World War II to Fukushima−−
Why now is a good time for economic engagement of North Korea
Dead Forests, Dying People: Agent Orange & Chemical Warfare in Vietnam−−
The Doomsday Project and Deep Events: JFK, Watergate, Iran-Contra, and 9/11():9.11 *Japanese translation available
A Problem for all Humanity: Nagasaki Writer Hayashi Kyoko Probes the Dangers of Nuclear Energy−−
Would An Independent West Papua Be A Failing State?
The United States and Terror on the Tenth Anniversary of 9/11911
Sorrow, History and Catastrophe in Japan After the 3.11 Earthquake, Tsunami and Nuclear Meltdown: A Personal Encounter3.11−−
Norway’s Terror as Systemic Destabilization: Breivik, the Arms-for-Drugs Milieu, and Global Shadow Elites−−
Bosnia, Kosovo, and Now Libya: The Human Costs of Washington’s On-Going Collusion with Terrorists−−
The Labyrinthian International Geopolitics of the Libyan Conflict
A Reflection on the Osama Bin Laden Killing
Japan, Europe and The Dangerous Fantasy of American Leadership
North, Iran-Contra, and the Doomsday Project: The Original Congressional Cover Up of Continuity-of-Government Planning−−
Neglected Questions on the “Forgotten War”: South Korea and the United States on the Eve of the Korean War−−
Rush to Judgment: Inconsistencies in South Korea's Cheonan Report—— •Japanese translation available
Kyrgyzstan, the U.S.and the Global Drug Problem: Deep Forcesand the Syndrome of Coups, Drugs, and Terror——
Politics in Command: The "International" Investigation into the Sinking of the Cheonan and the Risk of a New Korean War——
The Long Winding Red Road to Ratchaprasong and Thailand's Future
Fortress Guam: Resistance to US Military Mega-Buildup——
The Unknown Korean War: The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Korea and Excavation of the Remains of Mass-murdered Victims
China's Naval Expansion in the Indian Ocean and India-China Rivalry
Chinese Executions and the Japanese Dog That Did Not Bark
Marines Go Home: Anti-Base Activism in Okinawa, Japan and KoreaMarines Go Home——
The Complete Withdrawal of the US Military from Ecuador: A Victory for Sovereignty and Peace in Latin America——