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The Asian Super Grid
The Bravo Test and the Death and Life of the Global Ecosystem in the Early Anthropocene
Introduction: The Experts Report and the Future of Okinawa
Okinawan Experts Commission Reports Flaws in Authorization Process for New Military Base at Henoko
To Whom Does the Sea Belong? Questions Posed by the Henoko Assessment
Fukushima and the Crisis of Democracy: Interview with Murakami Tatsuya
The Wired Seas of Asia: China, Japan, the US and Australia
Africa and China's 21st Century Maritime Silk Road
“All Japan” versus “All Okinawa” - Abe Shinzo’s Military-Firstism
Producing Okinawan Cultural Identity in Hawai`i’s 'Multicultural Paradise'
Introduction: Art and Activism in Post-Disaster Japan
Performance, Mourning and the Long View of Nuclear Space
Imaging Disaster: Tokyo and the Visual Culture of Japan’s Great Earthquake of 1923
Will Wrongful Convictions Be a Catalyst for Change in Japanese Criminal Justice?
An Innocent Man: Hakamada Iwao and the Problem of Wrongful Convictions in Japan
Wrongful Convictions and the Culture of Denial in Japanese Criminal Justice
Komatsu, Smart Construction, Creative Destruction, and Japan’s Robot Revolution 、
'Only a disciplined people can build a nation': North Korean Mass Games and Third Worldism in Guyana, 1980-1992
Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience as Structural Reform in Abenomics
Australia in America's Third Iraq War
Japan's 'National Resilience Plan': Its Promise and Perils in the Wake of the Election
Japan’s Resilient, Decarbonizing and Democratic Smart Communities
The Secret History of Cannabis in Japan
Fifty Years of the Shinkansen
Beyond reality – or – An illusory ideal: pro-nuclear Japan’s management of migratory flows in a nuclear catastrophe ――
Transforming Mongolia-Russia-China Relations: The Dushanbe Trilateral Summit
An Appeal from Okinawa to the US Congress. Futenma Marine Base Relocation and its Environmental Impact:: U.S. Responsibility
A New Japanese Miracle? Its Hamstrung Feed-in Tariff Actually Works
Hiroshima's Disaster, Climate Crisis, and the Future of the Resilient City
Three Cheers for Abe's High-Tech CLT Wooden Arrow: The Future of Japanese Construction
Mobilizing Nuclear Bias: The Fukushima Nuclear Crisis and the Politics of Uncertainty
Changing Modes of Political Dialogue Across the Middle East and East Asia, 1880-2010
Yellow Blood: Hepatitis C and the Modernist Settlement in Japan
Japan’s Energy Policy Impasse
Japanese Government Squelching Efforts to Measure Fukushima Meltdown
Military Contamination on Okinawa: PCBs and Agent Orange at Kadena Air Base
Indonesia, Australia and the Edward Snowden Legacy: Shifting asymmetries of power
Beyond the Bubble, Beyond Fukushima: Reconsidering the History of Postwar Japan
Call it A ’Wash’? Historical Perspectives on Conundrums of Technological Modernization, Flood Amelioration and Disasters in Modern Japan
Mobilizing Nuclear Bias: The Fukushima Nuclear Crisis and the Politics of Uncertainty
Safecast or the Production of Collective Intelligence on Radiation Risks after 3.11
Al-Jazeera America on the Fukushima Triple Disaster, Three Years On
Systems of Irresponsibility and Japan’s Internal Colony
Leaving Asia? The Meaning of Datsu-A and Japan’s Modern History
Environmental Restoration of Former US Military Bases in Okinawa
Environmental Report: In Japan, Captive Breeding May Help Save the Endangered Wild Eel ...But Can the Seas Be Saved?
What Ever Happened to Japanese Electronics?: A World Economy Perspective
Can Abenomics Cope With Environmental Disaster?
Spinning the Tokyo Metro Election
Fukushima: Life and the Transnationality of Radioactive Contamination