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China’s Continuing Renewable Energy Revolution – latest trends in electric power generation
From Fukushima: To Despair Properly, To Find the Next Step
Facing Extinction: Can the Pacific Bluefin Tuna be Saved?
Hioki’s Smart Community and Japan’s Structural Reform
Japanese Elections: The Ghost of Constitutional Revision and Campaign Discourse
Okinawans Say “No Pasarán” to the U.S. Marines: A delegation to Washington asks the Obama administration to respect democracy
To Whom Does the Sea Belong? Questions Posed by the Henoko Assessment
Civilization & Barbarism: Cartoon Commentary & “The White Man’s Burden” (1898–1902)
The Trans-Pacific Partnership: A Deeply Flawed Partnership (TPP)
To Hell With Capitalism: Snapshots from the Crab Cannery Ship
The Sense of Sacred: Mauna Kea and Oura Bay
Africa and China's 21st Century Maritime Silk Road
The Greening of China's Black Electric Power System? Insights from 2014 Data
Japan’s 1905 Incorporation of Dokdo/Takeshima: A Historical Perspective
Komatsu, Smart Construction, Creative Destruction, and Japan’s Robot Revolution 、
Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience as Structural Reform in Abenomics
North American Universities and the 1965 Indonesian Massacre: Indonesian Guilt and Western Responsibility 1965
A Suitable Donor: Harvesting Kidneys in the Philippines
The Secret History of Cannabis in Japan
Transforming Mongolia-Russia-China Relations: The Dushanbe Trilateral Summit
China's renewable energy revolution: what is driving it?
The Fates of American Presidents Who Challenged the Deep State (1963-1980) (1963-1980)
Hiroshima's Disaster, Climate Crisis, and the Future of the Resilient City
Dirty Wars: French and American Piaster Profiteering in Indochina, 1945-75
Three Cheers for Abe's High-Tech CLT Wooden Arrow: The Future of Japanese Construction
Bounded Collectivism: Approaching Rural Land Rights and Labor Through “Natural Villages” in Southwest China
Doom and Gloom or Economic Boom? The Myth of the 'North Korean Collapse'
The Bumble Bee and the Chrysanthemum: Comparing Sweden and Japan’s Responses to Financial Crisis
The Dulles Brothers, Harry Dexter White, Alger Hiss, and the Fate of the Private Pre-War International Banking System
Limited Regular Employment and the Reform of Japan’s Division of Labor
China’s Continuing Renewable Energy Revolution: Global Implications
Worker-Intellectual Unity: Suicide, trans-border sociological intervention, and the Foxconn-Apple connection
The Asia-Pacific in the Eye of Super-storms
Cover-Up: Toyota and Quality Control
Taiwan and the Ryukyus (Okinawa) in Asia-Pacific Multilateral Relations – a Long-term Historical Perspective on Territorial Claims and Conflicts
Rape in Libya: America’s recent major wars have all been accompanied by memorable falsehoods−−
Young Japanese Temporary Workers Create Their Own Unions
Ethnic Identity, Culture, and Race: Japanese and Nikkei at Home and Abroad−−
Kyrgyzstan, the U.S.and the Global Drug Problem: Deep Forcesand the Syndrome of Coups, Drugs, and Terror——
Gravity Defying: Whither Korea’s bid to build a world-class city entirely from scratch?
The Exquisite Corpses of Nature and History: The Case of the Korean DMZ
Tokyo's Mean Streets
The Rising Importance of Chinese Labour in the Greater Mekong Sub-Region
After the Whirlwind: Post-Nargis Burma, the 2010 Elections and Prospects for Reform
East Asian Regionalism and its Enemies in Three Epochs: Political Economy and Geopolitics, 16th to 21st Centuries
Imaging Communities: Gendered Mobile Media in the Asia-Pacific
Japan's Twenty Year Response to Economic Crisis
Overproduction not Financial Collapse is the Heart of the Crisis: the US, East Asia, and the World
The US and the Temptation of Dollar Seignorage
China, Japan, and Indonesia's LNG Ploys