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X Constitutions
Japan’s Problematic Prefecture – Okinawa and the US-Japan Relationship
Hitler's dismantling of the constitution and the current path of Japan's Abe administration: What lessons can we draw from history?
Perry’s Black Ships in Japan and Ryukyu: The Whitewash of History
To the Courts! To the Streets! Okinawa at December 2015
To Whom Does the Sea Belong? Questions Posed by the Henoko Assessment
Japan’s Proposed National Security Legislation — Will This Be the End of Article 9?
Fukushima and the Crisis of Democracy: Interview with Murakami Tatsuya
“All Japan” versus “All Okinawa” - Abe Shinzo’s Military-Firstism
In the Face of American Amnesia, The Grim Truths of No Gun Ri Find a Home
Japan’s 1905 Incorporation of Dokdo/Takeshima: A Historical Perspective
Tokyo 1960: Days of Rage & Grief: Hamaya Hiroshi’s Photos of the Anti-Security-Treaty Protests
Citizenship and North Korea in the Zainichi Korean Imagination: The Art of Insook Kim ・
Storm Ahead: Okinawa's Outlook for 2015
Showa History, Rising Nationalism, and the Abe Government
Japan's New Empire and the Dōmei News Agency in Occupied Southeast Asia, 1942-45
The Erosion of Democracy in South Korea: The Dissolution of the Unified Progressive Party and the Incarceration of Lee Seok-ki ()
The End of the Postwar? The Abe Government, Okinawa, and Yonaguni Island
Three Views of Local Consciousness in Hong Kong
Constitutional Amendment is Out of the Question
The Myth of the 'Pacifist' Japanese Constitution
What Japan's Designated State Secrets Law Targets
Hannah Arendt, Nidhi Eoseewong, and the Spectre of Totalitarianism in Thailand
Japan’s 2013 State Secrecy Act -- The Abe Administration’s Threat to News Reporting
Indonesia’s Elections of 2014: Democratic Consolidation or Reversal?
The State, the Deep State, and the Wall Street Overworld (Updated March 13, 2014)
Distorting Democracy: Politics by Public Security in Contemporary South Korea [UPDATE]
The San Francisco System: Past, Present, Future in U.S.-Japan-China Relations
Beyond the Bubble, Beyond Fukushima: Reconsidering the History of Postwar Japan
South Korea, the United States and Emergency Powers During the Korean Conflict
The 1911 Revolution and the Frontier: The 'Political Game' and 'State-Building' in Outer Mongolia during the 1911 Revolution
Poison In Our Waters: A Brief Overview of the Proposed Militarization of Guam and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands
Japan’s Designated Secrets Protection Law Would Foreclose Criticisms of the Government
A New State Secrecy Law for Japan?
It Would Make No Sense for Article 9 to Mean What it Says, Therefore It Doesn’t. The Transformation of Japan's Constitution
The Re-Branding of Abe Nationalism: Global Perspectives on Japan
­Japan’s Democracy at Risk – The LDP’s Ten Most Dangerous Proposals for Constitutional Change
India Places Its Asian Bet on Japan: Roiling the Waters of the Asia-Pacific
Japan's Article 9 and Economic Justice: The Work of Shinagawa Masaji
Japan’s Rightward Swing and the Tottori Prefecture Human Rights Ordinance
Beate Sirota Gordon: An American to whom Japan remains indebted
Abe Days Are Here Again: Japan in the World
Ryukyu/Okinawa, From Disposal to Resistance
ASEAN’S Code of Conduct in the South China Sea: A Litmus Test for Community-Building?
Red and Yellow: Thailand's Future in Check and Balance −−
Mr. Hashimoto Attacks Japan's Constitution
Launching the U.S. Terror War: the CIA, 9/11, Afghanistan, and Central Asia9.11
War, War Crimes, Power and Justice: Toward a Jurisprudence of Conscience−−
Okinawa, New Year 2012: Tokyo’s Year End Surprise Attack
The Doomsday Project and Deep Events: JFK, Watergate, Iran-Contra, and 9/11():9.11 *Japanese translation available
The Atomic Bomb and Hiroshima on the Silver Screen: Two New Documentaries−−2