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An Introduction to Durian Sukegawa’s A Dosimeter on the Narrow Road to Oku

Johnny Kitagawa and the Code of Omerta in Japanese Entertainment

A Brief Introduction to Nakahira Takuma’s “The Illusion Called the Documentary: From the Document to the Monument,” 1972

Paper City: A Conversation with Director Adrian Francis

Global-Local Dynamics in Belt and Road Initiative Projects

An Introduction to Fukushima Diary: Diary of Shūhei Tomisawa, 20th-Generation Sake Brewer from Futaba, Japan

Japanese Fates in China and the Soviet Union from World War to Cold War: Notes on Our Collaborative Research into Soviet and Chinese Archives

Forging Autocratic Legitimation: Charisma and Mythmaking in Hun Sen’s Cambodia

The China Balloon Incident: The Drama within the Drama

Curbing Academic Freedom in Japan

Buy with 1-Click: Independent Contracting and Migrant Workers in China’s Last-Mile Parcel Delivery

Kase Hideaki’s Revisionist Vision for Twenty-First-Century Japan: A Final Interview and Obituary

Was Cambodia's Khmer Rouge Tribunal Worth the Effort? The View of an Anthropological Witness

The Hidden Significance and Resilience of the Age-Limit Norm of the Chinese Communist Party

The Burdens of Self-Restraint: Social Measures and the Containment of Covid-19 in Japan

Implicated Reading: Medoruma Shun’s Me no oku no mori and the Ethics of Narrative Transmission

Greening of China’s Electric Power System: 2021 Update

Opium’s Reverse Course: A Story of Shifting Winds

Prepping for a China War: The United States and the New Arc of Militarization Across Northern Australia

Indo-Japanese Collaboration on Energy Security and Critical Raw Materials (CRM) 

Human Rights ‘Fact’ Production and Why It Matters: Myanmar as a Case in Point

Workers and Democracy: The Indonesian Labor Movement, 1949–1957

In Dangerous Waters: Japan’s Forgotten Minesweeping Operations in the Korean War

AUKUS and ‘the International Rules-based Order’ at the IAEA: Another Entirely Australian Own Goal to China.

The Hawai‘i Connection: Okinawa’s Postwar Reconstruction and Uchinanchu Identity

Training and Deployment of America’s Nuclear Cold Warriors in Asia

A Crisis of Japanese Studies: How Japan’s Border Restrictions Have Affected Research in the Field

Imperial Gateway: Colonial Taiwan and Japan's Expansion in South China and Southeast Asia, 1895–1945

Xi Jinping Under Pressure in Central Asia and Taiwan

The Ghost of Asianism in China's Diplomatic Slogans

How Chinese Migrant Workers Resisted Coconut Colonialism in Samoa

The Dark Shadow Cast by Moon Sun Myung’s Unification Church and Abe Shinzo

“Guilt by Association”: Japanese Canadians and the Nanjing Massacre Commemorative Day

In the South Pacific, Chinese Opportunism Meets Western Indifference

The Double Standard of the Major Military Powers: The International Criminal Court and the Control of Nuclear Weapons

Coalition Moments in Hong Kong’s Anti–Extradition Law Movement: Cross-Racial Solidarities and Their Limitations

Orwell and Empire: A Conversation with Douglas Kerr

Lessons from the ‘Unruly Edges’ of Markets in the Cambodia–Vietnam Borderlands

The Hong Kong-Taiwan Nexus in the Shadow of China

Old Wealth, the Kuomintang, and the CIA’s Air America

Roadblocks in the Inter-Korean Railway Projects: The Armistice and the UN Command between Two Koreas

A Century of Japanese Assassination: Reflection and Commemoration

The Abe Legacy: A Compendium

The Electoral Paradox: Colonial History, Duterte, and the Return of the Marcoses in the Philippines

Tiger, Tyrant, Bandit, Businessman: A Few Words on the Sources

Demolition Men: The Unmaking of a Memorial Commemorating Wartime Forced Laborers in Gunma (Japan)

China's Old Working Class: Impoverished and Cast Aside

Re-thinking Jōmon and Ainu in Japanese History

Tastes Like War

Early Meiji Japan and Public History: Ports, Public Memory, Gateways to Understanding through Photography