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When Violence is No Longer Just Somebody Else’s Pain: Reading Hong Yunshin’s “Comfort Stations” as Remembered by Okinawans During World War II

The Untold Story of Onodera Makoto’s February 1945 Warning of the Coming Soviet Attack

Global Hibakusha

Japan’s Shōwa Restoration Movement: Pawns and Dire Threats

Problems of J. Mark Ramseyer’s “Contracting for Sex in the Pacific War”: On Japan’s Licensed Prostitution Contract System

Ukraine Spring Will be Unusually Cold This Year

The Sado Gold Mine and Japan’s ‘History War’ Versus the Memory of Korean Forced Laborers

Militarism Outguns Democracy in Okinawa Politics

The Statue of Peace in Berlin: How the Nationalist Reading of Japan’s Wartime “Comfort Women” Backfired

Japanese Court “Forgives” Vietnamese Trainee Convicted of Abandoning a Baby... Up to a Point

Japan, Korea, and Northeast Asia - the Abe Shinzo Legacy

Endangering the Right to Ethnic Education: Japan’s Exclusion of Chōsen Schools from the Tuition Waiver Program

Joint Statement of the Leaders of the Five Nuclear-Weapon States on Preventing Nuclear War and Avoiding Arms Races with a Comment by John Gittings

Japan’s Shift to the Right: Computational Propaganda, Abe Shinzō’s LDP, and Internet Right-Wingers (Netto Uyo)

“One China” in the Beijing-Washington-Taipei Trilateral Relationship


We Do Not Live to Be Productive: LGBT Activism and the Politics of Productivity in Contemporary Japan

Red-Braised Pork: Looking for Gates in a City of Walls

“Dwelling on my Falling”: Yukiyo
Kawano’s Nuclear Vision

Katō Kōko’s Meiji Industrial Revolution – Forgetting forced labor to celebrate Japan’s World Heritage Sites – Part 2