Indigenous Rights and the ‘Harmony Olympics’
Japan and Immigration: Looking Beyond the Tokyo Olympics
Opening a Storyline in the 2020 Olympics
Tokyo’s Diversity Olympics Dogged by Controversy
Introduction to the Special Issue on Japan’s Olympic’s Summer Games -- Past and Present, Part I
Special Issue: Japan’s Olympic Summer Games - Past and Present, Part I (Table of Contents)
Is Japan a Climate Leader? Synergistic Integration of the 2030 Agenda
US Marines Futenma Replacement Facility in Okinawa Delayed – For How Long?
“First Do No Harm.” The Impact of Sanctions on Public Health in North Korea
The Dilemmas Facing Hong Kong’s Generation Y in the Era of Globalization
Reflections on the TEPCO Trial: Prosecution and Acquittal after Japan’s Nuclear Meltdown
War, Rape and Patriarchy: The Japanese experience
Shuri Castle and Japanese Castles: A Controversial Heritage
WHEN WOMEN WARRIORS DARE NOT SPEAK: China, Hong Kong and Disney’s Mulan Film
Nakamura Tetsu: humanitarian doctor, farmer, and hero of Afghanistan
Overcoming the San Francisco System: One Japanese Person’s View
We’re Not So Good at Running ... But We Still Know How to Sit: On The Political Culture of Okinawa’s Anti-Base Sit-In
Irresistible Force (Japan) Versus Immovable Object (Okinawa): Struggle Without End?
Retracing Steps at Beijing University, 1989-2019
The Chuo Shinkansen Project: High Speed Rail in Japan