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Crucial Fallacies in “On the invention of identity politics the Buraku outcastes in Japan” by J. Mark Ramseyer
Issues in Ramseyer’s Understanding of Modern Buraku History and the Suiheisha
Problems with References to Historical Documents in J. M. Ramseyer, “On the Invention of Identity Politics: The Buraku Outcastes in Japan”
Mistaken Assertions: a response to Mark Ramseyer
Professor Mark Ramseyer and the Buraku Question: an Introduction
Japan’s Burakumin (Outcastes) Reconsidered: A Special Issue Refuting Ramseyer’s Interpretation (Table of Contents)
Speak, Okinawa
The Global Green Shift in Electric Power: China in Comparative Perspective
Souvenirs of Solidarity: Toward an Okinawa-centered politics of demilitarization
The “Unrelated” Spirits of Aoyama Cemetery: A 21st Century Reckoning with the Foreign Employees of the Meiji Period
Dalliance with Ho Chi Minh: Komatsu Kiyoshi in Paris and Hanoi
How the Cleanup of the Fukushima Nuclear Accident Got So Expensive
Japanese Swords as Symbols of Historical Amnesia: Touken Ranbu and the Sword Boom in Popular Media
Tokyo 2020-21: The Troubled Games of the XXXll Olympiad
The February 1, 2021 Coup d’Etat in Burma: Some Reasons Why
Edible Wild Plants in Japanese Culture and Cuisine: A Look at the Japanese Horse Chestnut
Shrine Forests, Bonsai and Public Parks in Tokyo: Old Trees as Symbols of Continuity
“The Backside of Japan,” Development, and Imperialism in Northeast Asia
Early Meiji Diplomacy Viewed through the Lens of the International Treaties Culminating in the Annexation of the Ryukyus
The Evolution of the East Asian Eco-Developmental State