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Katō Kōko’s Meiji Industrial Revolution – Forgetting forced labor to celebrate Japan’s World Heritage Sites – Part 1
Taking the Fight for Japan’s History Online: The Ramseyer Controversy and Social Media
Okinawa: Race, Military Justice and the Yumiko-chan Incident
The Forgotten US Forever War in Korea
On “Eradicating the Vestiges of Pro-Japanese Collaborators”
The 1919 Independence Movement in Korea and Interconnected East Asia: The Incremental Unfolding of a Revolution
Korea, A Unique Colony: Last to be Colonized and First to Revolt
Korea’s Modern History Wars: March 1st 1919 and the Double Project of Modernity
Special Issue: A Longue Durée Revolution in Korea: March 1st, 1919 to the Candlelight Revolution in 2018 (Table of Contents)
Was There a Diplomatic Alternative? The Atomic Bombing and Japan's Surrender
The Prospect of Political Change in Japan – Elections 2021
The Biden China Initiative, A Flawed and Dysfunctional Policy
The Question of Olohega
No Place for Neutrality: A Korean War Story
Critical Raw Materials and the Challenge of Climate Crisis in the New Millennium
Investigating the Ukishima-maru Incident in Occupied Japan: Survivor Testimonies and Related Documents
The Impact of Urban Evacuation in Japan during World War II
Imperial Japan’s Forever War, 1895-1945
The Scoop Machine: Shukan Bunshun vs Access Journalism and Censorship in Japan: An Interview with Shintani Manabu
The Asia-Pacific War in Japan’s New Moral Education Textbooks