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Asia-Pacific Journal Subscription Drive December 2020

Ours is a reader-supported journal. We invite your support at a time when the Asia-Pacific and our world are being turned upside down by the combination of US-China conflict in the era of the Coronavirus pandemic and economic, political, climate and nuclear crisis. 


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Heavenly Soldiers and Industrial Warriors: Paratroopers and Japan’s Wartime Silk Industry
Early Freeze Warning: The Politics and Literature Debate as Cold War Culture
PFAS Contamination from US Military Facilities in Mainland Japan and Okinawa
Kroeber Hall and Berkeley Anthropology: What’s in an Un-Naming?
Indigenous People Between Empires: Sakhalin through the Eyes of Charles Henry Hawes
Rethinking Human-Nature Relationships in the Time of Coronavirus: Postmodern Animism in Films by Miyazaki Hayao & Shinkai Makoto
When the FBI Bugged--as MGM Badgered-- “The Father of the Atomic Bomb”
Okinawa Demands Democracy: The Heavy Hand of Japanese and American Rule
Comedians Who Dare: Political Satire in Contemporary Japan
The Plight of the Okinawa Dugong
Nagasaki and the Hibakusha Experience of Sumiteru Taniguchi: The Painful Struggles and Ultimate Triumphs of Nagasaki Hibakusha
We are All Chinese Now: COVID-19 and Anti-Asian Racism in the United States
Facing a Pandemic at a Time of Elections and Cricket: Socio-Political Consequences of Sri Lanka’s COVID-19 Curfew
COVID-19 in Nepal: Times of Anxiety and Fear
Image Management over COVID-19 Management
COVID-19 in Bangladesh: How the Awami League Transformed a Crisis into a Disaster
Coronavirus and Impact on the Bangladesh Economy: Assessing the Damage of the Black Swan of 2020
COVID-19 Attacks the Regime: The Case of Thailand
Singapore’s COVID-19 Catastrophe: Authoritarian bungling, an infectious election, and an international humanitarian crisis
Misplaced Priorities, Unnecessary Effects: Collective Suffering and Survival in Pandemic Philippines