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Korea’s Sipjangsaeng Iconography: The Quest for Longevity and Immortality in the Visual Arts of the Joseon Dynasty
The Illiberal Turn in Indonesian Democracy
Abe Prioritized Olympics, Slowing Japan’s Pandemic Response
Abe Shinzo and Japan’s One-Strong (Ikkyo) State
Building Holistic Resilience: Tokyo’s 2050 Strategy
The Testimony of a Victim of Forced Sterilization in Japan: Kita Saburō
Networking for War Criminal Amnesty: The Establishment of Japan’s War Convicted Benefit Society
Canada's “History Wars”: The “Comfort Women” and the Nanjing Massacre
The “History Wars” and the “Comfort Woman” Issue: Revisionism and the Right-wing in Contemporary Japan and the U.S.
Seized Hearts: “Soft” Japanese Counterinsurgency Before 1945 and Its Persistent Legacies in Postwar Malaya, South Vietnam and Beyond
Japanese Government Keeps Plugging Away at Henoko Base Construction Despite Clear Structural Obstacles
Some Pages from the Manga Book ‘Tokyo and Olympics Guide’ with Commentary on Social and Environmental Significance, written by Sean Michael Wilson, illustrated by Makiko Kodama, published by Kodansha, bilingual edition, Dec 2019.
An Opportunity for Japan to Change People’s Perception
Playful Protests and Contested Urban Space: the 2020 Tokyo Olympics Protest Movement
Anti-Olympic Rallying Points, Public Alienation, and Transnational Alliances
As If Nothing Had Occurred: Anti-Tokyo Olympics Protests and Concern Over Radiation Exposure
Radiation Disinformation and Human Rights Violations at the Heart of Fukushima and the Olympic Games
The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster and the Tokyo Olympics
Light, Currency, Spectacle, and War: Kobayashi Erika’s She Waited (2019)
Symbolic Transformation: The 1964 Tokyo Games Reconsidered