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Acts of Humanity, Expectations of Returns: Corporate Giving from America’s Industrial Heartland following the Great Kantō Earthquake


Thinking about the Economic Consequences of the Great Kantō Earthquake


Coming to Terms with a Colonial Panic Attack: Or, How to Remember the 1923 Kantō Korean Massacres as Chōsenjin Sawagi


The Imamura vs. Omori Earthquake Forecasting Debate


Giving Earthquake Children the Voice they Deserve One Hundred Years Later


Fiction from Unstable Ground: The Imagination of Disaster in the Aftermath of the Kantō Earthquake




Special Issue: The 100th Anniversary of the 1923 Great Kantō Earthquake (Table of Contents)

Memories of Bathtubs and Apples: Touring the Industrial Heritage Information Center, Tokyo

Voices from Cheju (Jeju): Towards an Archipelagic Imagination

Mutual Complicity: Denial of War Responsibilities in Japan & the US

The (Un)social Smells of Death: Changing Tides in Contemporary Japan

Japan, North Korea, and the Biopolitics of Repatriation

Voices from an Unusual Archive: University Film Circle Writings, 1945-1960

Japan’s Drive for Military Greatness in the Lengthening Shadow of US-China Confrontation

‘Big Brother’ at Brothers Home: Exclusion and Exploitation of Social Outcasts in South Korea

Johnny Kitagawa and the Code of Omerta in Japanese Entertainment

An Introduction to Durian Sukegawa’s A Dosimeter on the Narrow Road to Oku

An Introduction to Fukushima Diary: Diary of Shūhei Tomisawa, 20th-Generation Sake Brewer from Futaba, Japan

Global-Local Dynamics in Belt and Road Initiative Projects