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Articles by Bert Edström

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Bert Edström is a non-resident Senior Research Fellow at the Stockholm-based Institute for Security and Development Policy (ISDP). He has a BA (1971), an MSSc (1974) and a PhD (1988) in Japanese Studies from Stockholm University. He is the author of books on Japan’s foreign policy and has written numerous articles and research reports on security policy issues and modern Japanese history. He has also published extensively on Swedish-Japanese relations. Among his works are Japan’s Evolving Foreign Policy Doctrine: From Yoshida to Miyazawa (Macmillan 1999), Japan and the Challenge of Human Security: The Founding of a New Policy, 1998–2003 (ISDP 2008), Sweden–Japan: 150 Years of Friendship and Cooperation (Sweden Japan Foundation 2018), and Master Spy on A Mission: The Untold Story of Onodera Makoto and Swedish Intelligence 1941–1945 (London: Amazon 2021).