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Articles by Tsuneno Yujiro

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Tsuneno Yujiro (1977-2018) described himself as “unemployed” (as of 2015). He was known for his involvement in numerous social movements. To name just a few, he was committed to anti-racism and fighting the exclusion of homeless people. He also publicly opposed the exclusion of Korean Schools from the High School Tuition Waiver Program. In 2015 he wrote The “Open Letter in Support of Historians in Japan”: A Critique for the Asia-Pacific Journal-Japan Focus.

At age 10 he became, in his words, a “deserter from compulsory education.” A year later he became a member of Tokyo Shure, a place for children outside school. He then sporadically attended school and eventually graduated from Lancaster University in the U.K. In Japan, he had a career teaching English and developing teaching material for standardized English tests. He contributed a chapter to 『不登校、選んだわけじゃないんだぜ!』 (Futōkō: It was not My Choice), Kido Rie and Tsuneno Yujiro, Tokyo, Rironsha, 2005, (reprinteded, Tokyo, East Press, 2012). His blog in Japanese can be found here. His Twitter account is @yujirotsu.