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Reminder: Submissions to Cornell University’s 2021 Selden Prize Competition for translations from Japanese is coming up fast! Materials may be submitted electronically or by hard copy by August 1. Translations of works from across all time periods and genres are welcomed! For details see the prize announcement at:

Articles by Michael Bourdaghs

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Michael K. Bourdaghs is Robert S. Ingersoll Professor of East Asian Languages and Civilizations and the College at the University of Chicago. He is the author of A Fictional Commons: Natsume Sōseki and the Properties of Modern Fiction (forthcoming in 2021); Sayonara Amerika, Sayonara Nippon: A Geopolitical Prehistory of J-Pop (2012; Japanese translation 2012), and The Dawn That Never Comes: Shimazaki Tōson and Japanese Nationalism (2003). He received a 2019 Guggenheim Fellowship to support work on an ongoing book project tentatively titled Japanese Culture in the Age of Three Worlds: Rethinking Postwar Culture as Cold War Culture.