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Articles by Miho Matsugu

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Miho Matsugu is a translator and scholar of Japanese literature. For The Asia-Pacific Journal, her translations include Komori Yoichi, “Japan's Article 9 and Economic Justice: The Work of Shinagawa Masaji,” Yang Ching Ja, Are You Listening to the Voices of the Victims? My Critique of Park Yuha’s Comfort Women of the Empire,” and Saito Masami, Nogawa Motokazu and Hayakawa Tadanori, “Dissecting the Wave of Books on Nippon Kaigi, the Rightwing Mass Movement that Threatens Japan’s Future.” Matsugu’s recent article co-authored with Chikamatsu Nobuko is “Translation Practicum on Kawabata Yasunari’s ‘Izu no odoriko’,” (Teaching Postwar Japanese Fiction, edited by Alex Bates, Modern Language Association Options for Teaching Series. (Forthcoming 2022).