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June 04, 2007

Democracy and Peace in Korea Twenty Years After June 1987: Where Are We Now, and Where Do We Go from Here?
China's Rise and the Reorganization of the Asian Regional and World Economy
Harpooned. Japan and the future of whaling
Enshrinement Politics: War Dead and War Criminals at Yasukuni Shrine
Southeast Asia's Maritime Security Dilemma: State or Market?
Japan, Financial Stability and the World Economy: Two Perspectives
Banco Delta Asia, North Korea's Frozen Funds & US Undermining of the Six-Party Talks: Obstacles to a Solution. Part III
The Minefield: An Australian Tragedy in America's Vietnam War
The Water Politics of China and Southeast Asia: Rivers, Dams, Cargo Boats and the Environment
Indian Mega Nuclear Plant Protested: Government short-circuits environmental hearings
Taiwan in the Chinese Imagination, 17th-19th Centuries
Anatomy of US and South Korean Massacres in the Vietnamese Year of the Monkey, 1968
War is the Only Solution. A 31-year-old freeter explains the plight and future of Japan's Marginal Workers
Why Is Japanese Farming Culturally Central and Economically Marginal? Rice Revolutions and Farm Families in a Tohoku Region
Who is Responsible? The Yomiuri Project and the Enduring Legacy of the Asia-Pacific War
Japan as a Global Contributor: Envisioning an expanded role in a world of militarism, global warming and multipolarity
Is it Fine for Japan to Do Without Agriculture? Negotiating Japan-Australia Economic Partnership