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Worldwide Responses to the 20 Millisievert Controversy  20ミリシーベルト論争への世界的反響

December 31, 2012
Volume 10 | Issue 54 | Number 66
Article ID 4670

Between 2012 and 2014 we posted a number of articles on contemporary affairs without giving them volume and issue numbers or dates. Often the date can be determined from internal evidence in the article, but sometimes not. We have decided retrospectively to list all of them as Volume 10, Issue 54 with a date of 2012 with the understanding that all were published between 2012 and 2014.


Satoko Norimatsu


On April 19, the Japanese government raised the allowable annual radiation exposure limit from 1 mSV (millisievert) to 20 mSV. The decision has been heavily criticized by experts inside and outside Japan, as it is applied to children who are more susceptible to radiation, and this limit does not take internal radiation dosage into consideration. 20 mSV is the yearly average of what is allowed for Japanese nuclear plant workers under normal circumstances. On this website, we have so far primarily written and provided information in English on this "20 mSV" issue and on the Fukushima nuclear crisis in general. In this post we attempt to compile a list of articles, video news, press releases available in English and other languages.


Press TV 
Japanese govt. under fire for schoolyard radiation 
Japan confirms meltdown at 3 reactors 

New York Times 
Angry Parents in Japan Confront Government Over Radiation Levels
Japan Tries to Ease Fury of Parents Near Plant 

Japanese protest revised school radiation limit 

The Guardian 
Fukushima parents dish the dirt in protest over radiation levels 

The Asia-Pacific Journal: Japan Focus (most comprehensive and in-depth
reports on the issue) 
Protests: The 20 Millisievert Decision and the Future of Atomic Energy in Japan 
20 Millisieverts for Children and Kosako Toshiso’s Resignation 
Save the Children: Radiation Exposure of Fukushima Students 

Spanish National TV "TV1"
Nuevos datos confirman la gravedad de la crisis nuclear de Fukushima 

Der Spiegel 
Japan legt hohe Strahlengrenzwerte für Kinder fest,1518,758410,00.html 


Tillman Ruff's Opinion Article in Kyodo News Agency 
OPINION: Children of Fukushima need our protection 

A bilingual version on Peace Philosophy Centre 

IPPNW's letter to Education Minister Takaki (bilingual) on Peace Philosophy Centre
 IPPNW to Japanese Government: Raising Allowable Radiation Dose for Fukushima Children "Unacceptable." 

PSR (Physicians for Social Responsibility) 
PSR Press Conference on Chernobyl Anniversary 
(with Japanese translation) 
Physicians for Social Responsibility Calls 20 mSV for Children "Unconscionable." 

The Japan Medical Association

Green Action (One of the four NGOs leading the movement to get the
government to rescind the 20 mSV decision.)
Fukushima Update 

MSCR (Moms to Save Children from Radiation)

French petition campaign 

Un blog du Réseau "Sortir du nucléaire"

Pétition urgente : 
Refusons l’exposition des enfants japonais à des doses élevées de radioactivité