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The Sino-Russian Arms Dilemma

November 2, 2006
Volume 4 | Issue 11
Article ID 2268
The Sino-Russian Arms Dilemma

By Richard Weitz

Richard Weitz in "The Sino-Russian Arms Dilemma," clarifies important elements of strategic dimensions of their deepening and expanding relationship. In previous articles, notably

F. William Engdalh, The Emerging Russian Giant: The US, Eurasia and Global Geopolitics and

M K Bhadrakumar, Russian Energy Geostrategy Redefines Relations with the US and EU and

Jephraim P. Gundzik, The Ties That Bind China, Russia and Iran,

Japan Focus has emphasized the growing geopolitical bonds linking China and Russia, and the significance of the relationship in creating bases for independence from US policies and support networks in the event of conflict.

This article appeared at China Brief, Vol 6, 22, November 8, 2006.

It is posted at Japan Focus on November 9, 2006.