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Articles by Kathryn M. Tanaka

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Kathryn Tanaka received her PhD in Japanese literature from the University of Chicago. She currently teaches Japanese literature and culture in the Department of Cultural and Historical Studies and the Institute of International Education at Otemae University. Her research explores the intersections of medicine and literature. Her publications include “Contested Histories and Happiness: Leprosy Literature in Japan,” in Health, Culture and Society, Volume 5, No. 1 (2013) and “Senzen Nihon no Hansen-byō no ryōyōjo ni okeru tanka ni yoru koryū—Kyushu ryōyōjo no “Hinokagekai” wo chūshin ni” in Hansen-byō shimin gakkai nenpō 2013 (2014). She is at present finishing her book manuscript, Through the Hospital Gates: Hansen's Disease and Modern Japanese Literature.