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Articles by David McNeill

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David McNeill is a professor at the Department of English Language, Communication and Cultures at Sacred Heart University in Tokyo. He was previously a correspondent for The Independent and The Economist newspapers and for The Chronicle of Higher Education. He is co-author of the book Strong in the Rain (with Lucy Birmingham) about the 2011 Tohoku disaster. He is an Asia-Pacific Journal editor. Follow David on Twitter @DavidMcneill3

Oppenheimer Shelved in Japan

Johnny Kitagawa and the Code of Omerta in Japanese Entertainment

The Abe Legacy: A Compendium

Union City Blues

The Scoop Machine: Shukan Bunshun vs Access Journalism and Censorship in Japan: An Interview with Shintani Manabu
“I Have No Regrets”
Mind the Gender Gap: Kawakami Mieko, Murata Sayaka, Feminism and Literature in Japan
Spinning the Rings: The Media and the 2020 Tokyo Olympics
Freedom Fighting: Nagoya’s censored art exhibition and the “comfort women” controversy
The Great Survivor
Reinventing the Japan Times: How Japan’s oldest English-language newspaper tacked right: Updated
Justice Postponed: Ito Shiori and Rape in Japan
Murder of the Soul - Shiori and Rape in Japan
Fukushima: A Second Chernobyl?
False Dawn: The Decline of Watchdog Journalism in Japan
Nippon Kaigi and the Radical Conservative Project to Take Back Japan
Inside Fukushima's Potemkin Village: Naraha
Sink the Asahi! The ‘Comfort Women’ Controversy and the Neo-nationalist Attack !
'If we don't face our past, we're bound to repeat the same mistakes.' Japanese wartime medical orderly reports on army's role in maintaining 'comfort women' system
After the Deluge: Tsunami and the Great Wall of Japan
Japanese Government Squelching Efforts to Measure Fukushima Meltdown
Japan’s 3.11 Triple Disaster: Introduction to a Special Issue
Special Issue: Japan’s 3.11 Triple Disaster (Table of Contents)
Al-Jazeera America on the Fukushima Triple Disaster, Three Years On
Back to the Future: Shinto, Ise and Japan’s New Moral Education
Japan's Cut-Price Nuclear Cleanup
Mission Impossible. What Future Fukushima?
Cover-Up: Toyota and Quality Control
Life and Death Choices: Radiation, children, and Japan’s future
Truth to Power: Japanese Media, International Media and 3.11 Reportage
What’s Hot
After the Quake: Journey to Fukushima
What’s Hot
In the Shadow of Japan’s Wounded Nuclear Beast
What’s Hot
Back from the Brink
What’s Hot
Why I love Japan even more since the earthquake
What’s Hot
Sato Eisaku's Warning
What’s Hot
Japan’s government faces looming crisis over ‘whack-a-mole’ nuclear policies
What’s Hot
‘We’ve no idea when we’ll be back’
What’s Hot
A young man sacrificing his future to shut down Fukushima
What’s Hot
Blood Money - Fukushima Victims Bitter Over Compensation−−
What’s Hot
Warning: Genius at Work - The Art of Aida Makoto !
What’s Hot
Fukushima - Two Years On —
What’s Hot
Whaling as Diplomacy
The Fukushima Nuclear Crisis and the Fight for Compensation
Crippled Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant at One Year: Back in the Disaster Zone−−
Implausible Denial: Japanese Court Rules on Secret US-Japan Pact Over the Return of Okinawa−−
What happened at Fukushima?
After Fukushima: Winning the Battle for Hearts and Minds in Britain and Japan−−
Waiting for Doomsday: Living next to the 'world’s most dangerous nuclear power plant.'−−
Meltdown: On the Front Lines of Japan's 3.11 Disaster
Back from the Brink: A city in ruins looks to the future−−
Communities Struggle to Rebuild Shattered Lives on Japan's Coast
Waiting for the Dam to Break: WikiLeaks and Japan −−
Stop the Press? The Sankei and the State of Japan's Newspaper Industry ?
Somewhere Over the Rainbow: Toyota and the consequences of the drive to be the world’s No.1 −−
Secrets and Lies: Ampo, Japan's Role in the Iraq War and the Constitution−−
Gravity Defying: Whither Korea’s bid to build a world-class city entirely from scratch?
The Terminators. Police Death Squads in the Philippines
Lowering the Drawbridge of Fortress Japan: Citizenship, Nationality and the Rights of Children
Modern Life is Rubbish: Miyazaki Hayao Returns to Old-Fashioned Filmmaking
Tokyo's Mean Streets
Justice for Some. Crime, Victims and the US-Japan SOFA
A Solution to the Whaling Issue? Former MOFA spokesman speaks out
Japan's King of Fish Faces Extinction
Campaigners fight to clear "Tokyo Two" in Whaling Case. Treatment of Greenpeace activists creates worldwide protests
Unmasking Capital Punishment: A Wave of Executions, The Yomiuri and Japan's Death Penalty
Out of the Shadows: Can Japan's Nuclear Power Renaissance Reduce Global Emissions?
Yakuza Wars
Magnificent Obsession: Japan's Bone Man and the World War II Dead in the Pacific
Martyrs for Peace: Japanese antiwar activists jailed for trespassing in SDF compound vow to fight on
Freedom Next Time. Japanese Neonationalists Seek to Silence Yasukuni Film (UPDATED)
Suffer little Children: Legacies of War in Cambodia
Certain Justice. Japan's Detention System and the Rights of the Accused
The Last Samurai
Look Back in Anger. Filming the Nanjing Massacre
Eros & Death: The World of Araki Nobuyoshi
Kicking Your Head to Get Rid of a Headache: Palm Oil & the Imminent Extinction of the Orangutan
Shaken to the Core: Japan's Nuclear Program Battered by Niigata Quake
International Media Scream 'Yellow Peril'. Race and sensationalism in coverage of Japan's Hawker, Blackman murders
Softly, Softly. Did the Japan Institute of International Affairs buckle under right-wing pressure? No, says Amb. Satoh Yukio. Yes, say his critics.
Hammering Down the Educational Nail: Abe Revises the Fundamental law of Education
Harpooned. Japan and the future of whaling
Kaji Maki: First he gave us sudoku
Dead Men Walking: Japan's Death Penalty
Japan's History Wars and Popular Consciousness
Is Press Freedom Being Eroded in Japan?
In the Shadow of Hiroshima. U.S. Marines and Japanese SDF collaborate at Iwakuni six decades after the bomb
Japan and the Whaling Ban: Siege Mentality Fuels 'Sustainability' Claims
Taiji: Japan's Dolphin Cull and the Clash of Cultures
A Foot soldier in the War Against Forgetting Japanese Wartime Atrocities
Ryuichi SAKAMOTO: From Bach to Rock to Pop . . . and the Fate of the Corporate Earth
Still Taboo After All These Years: Japan's New Imperial Heir and the Media
The Struggle for the Japanese Soul: Komori Yoshihisa, Sankei Shimbun, and the JIIA controversy
Selective Pain: Kidnapping, Contemporary Japan and Media Obsession
Japan's Political and Constitutional Crossroads
Japan and the Intensifying Global Whaling Debate
Japanese Flock to China for Organ Transplants
Enemies of the State: Free Speech and Japan's Courts
Still Angry After All These Years: Imelda Marcos responds to critics of the Marcos dictatorship
Flags of Our Fathers: commemorating Iwo Jima
What Role Japan's Imperial Family?