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Beijing's Aqueous Heritage and the 2008 Olympics

December 1, 2008
Volume 6 | Issue 12
Article ID 2991
Beijing's Aqueous Heritage and the 2008 Olympics

Dai Qing

Edited and translated by Geremie Barmé


The article posted here by Dai Qing appears in a December 2008 special issue on The Heritage of Beijing Water, guest edited for The China Heritage Quarterly by the Beijing-based writer, historical investigative journalist and water activist. The issue focuses on the aqueous heritage of China's capital city. Reflecting on the well-springs of the Olympic year and the bountiful supply of water during 2008, Dai Qing discusses the diminishing heritage of a resource that sustained the ancient city in the past, shaped much of its life, and determines its future. The issue features a map of Beijing Waterways and an important study, 'Beijing's Water Crisis, 1949-2008' with important contributions by Probe International, an independent Canada-based think-tank and environmental protection group.

The Dai Qing article is available through this link.

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Dai Qing, born in August 1941, is a journalist and activist for China-related issues; most significantly against the Three Gorges Dam Project. Dai is also an author who has published many influential books, articles, and journals.

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Japan Focus on December 21, 2008.

Recommended Citation: Dai Qing, “Beijing's Aqueous Heritage and the 2008 Olympics”  The Asia-Pacific Journal, Vol. 51-3-08, December 21, 2008.